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Electric Boiler Working

How does an electric boiler work?

Although, all boilers need electricity to function accordingly, electric boilers actually turn electricity into heat. Instead of burning a fossil fuel, like gas or oil, an electric boiler pushes the water from your central heating system over an electric element to heat it up. The water…

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Solar Hot Water System Uk

What is a solar hot water system?

Often referred to as solar thermal systems, solar hot water systems make use of the sun’s energy to provide hot water for homes, through taps and showers. The amount of usable solar energy varies, depending on the climate. This means…

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Oil Central Heating System

What is an oil central heating system?

Oil is typically used to fuel wet heating systems. In this scenario, an oil boiler heats water, providing heating through radiators, as well as hot water through taps and the shower.    Heating oil differs from mains gas, as a home’s supply of oil is delivered…

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Home Energy Usage Reduction

How to reduce your home energy usage

You don’t necessarily need advanced heating technology to save money on your energy bills. Instead, what you can do is, make some changes to your energy usage habits. You can go about doing this by, simply using less energy, upgrading to more efficient appliances and retaining heat…

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Wood Burner

What is a wood burner?

Typically referred to as wood or log burners, wood burning stoves are appliances that burn wood to provide heat for singular rooms. Generally, the wood is in the form of logs or pellets, but can also be a plant or…

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