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Air Source Heat Pump Myths Debunked

Just like many other forms of heating, there are always myths doing the rounds. Most of the time, these myths can deter people from choosing to make the switch but we want to remove these myths and put you on the right track to making an informed decision based on fact. After all, with the UK continuing to push to reach its green targets and go carbon neutral, it’s time that people started seriously understanding the truth behind the new technologies that we are going to have to adopt. So, let’s look at the myths and put them straight.

They Don’t Work Well in Cold Temperatures

Many parts of the UK can experience cold temperatures, especially in Scotland but heat pumps are now manufactured to operate effectively to extremely low temperatures such as -18 degrees. This means that they have the potential to handle anything that the weather throws at them. As long as the system is made by a reputable manufacturer and installed correctly, then you can be sure that it will work in the way that you expect it to.

They are Expensive to Run

As with all heating systems, cost plays a big role and with that comes a need to make it clear just what is involved when it comes to the cost. With a well-designed and modern system, you can be sure that they will be cost-effective to run because they are designed that way. Those that have an A++ rating will be as efficient as possible. Of course, if a system is not installed correctly or is faulty then it is likely to be expensive to run but that is the same for any kind of system.

You Can’t Install Radiators

This is not true because radiators can work well with radiators when used with heat pumps. In general, radiators are sized to work with high-temperature sources such as gas or oil and as heat pumps operate at lower temperatures, it can mean that the radiators need to be sized up to fit the system. Therefore, the general rule is that they will need to be bigger to ensure that the heat pump can operate effectively and efficiently. So, with all of the correct specifications in place, this will ensure that the system works well, all of which is something that should be considered during the design process.

Heat Pumps are Only Suitable for New Build Properties

This is not true although it is true that they do work best in homes that have the right level of insulation, which of course, includes new buildings. However, even older properties that have the right upgrades in loft insulation, double glazing and cavity wall insulation could be ideal for heat pump installation.

Theft Make a Lot of Noise

Just like most new technologies, they begin life with teething problems but as technology advances and refinements are made, things improve, this is the same for heat pumps. They used to be cumbersome and ugly as well as noisy. However, the newest heat pumps are now no noisier than the latest fridges. Some have noise levels between 18 and 40dB, which is impressive and is something that you simply won’t hear.

A Heat Pump is Out Of Your Price Range

It might be true that installing a heat pump can cost a significant amount of money, especially when compared with the cost of replacing traditional systems such as gas or LPG. Despite this, these costs can often be recovered by the savings that are made as the running costs are often a lot lower.

Furthermore, you will find that there are a number of incentives available to take advantage of such as the Renewable Heat Incentive from the UK Government, which can help to cover the costs or even pay you for the energy you generate.

Over the next few years, the demand for these systems is going to increase and the Renewable Heat Incentive is changing which means that it won’t be as generous so if you are thinking of switching then now could be the time to do it. So, we have aimed to cover all of the myths that are out there, helping you to see just why Air Source Heat Pumps could become a feasible option for you when it comes to making the switch.

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