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Powering Heatpump With Solar Panel

Can solar panels be used to power a heat pump in the UK?

At this time of year, we’re all keen to find ways to keep our homes warm and cosy without breaking the bank. And guess what? Using a heat pump for heating has become a hot trend in recent years! A heat pump is an efficient device that extracts heat from the air and pumps it into your central heating system.

But here’s something you might not have thought about: air source heat pumps paired with solar panels are one of the most effective ways to heat your home and save a fortune.

Can you use solar panels to power a heat pump?

You totally can!  Solar panels generate electricity, which is what an air source heat pump runs on.

The amount of electricity generated by solar panels depends on several factors, including the size and number of solar panels, the time of year, and weather conditions. However, even on cloudy days, solar panels can generate some electricity, which can be used to power your air source heat pump.

Now, why should you care? Well, by teaming up your heat pump with solar panels, you could be looking at savings up to £1300 a year! That’s right – it’s not just about being green and reducing emissions; it’s about being smart with your money.

How much does an air source heat pump with solar panels cost?

Installing an air source heat pump with solar panels can have varying costs based on factors such as ASHP and panel sizes, as well as installation expenses. However, the estimated cost typically falls between £8,000 and £14,000.

The good news is that homeowners in the UK can take advantage of grants to assist with the cost of installing ASHPs and solar panels. Warma UK is here to support homeowners in applying for heating and insulation grants, simplifying the process of transitioning to renewable energy sources.

Check your eligibility for our heating grant by clicking on the button below.

See if you're eligible for free heating grant

See if you're eligible for free heating grant

Is Solar Storage Needed?

Alright, here’s the lowdown: you don’t absolutely need a storage battery for your ASHP, but it’s a smart move. Your solar system can’t generate electricity during the night to power your air source heat pump so you’ll have to rely on the grid for that.

A storage battery ensures that you have a source of electricity even when solar panels are not generating electricity. Additionally, a storage battery allows you to store excess electricity generated by your solar panels, which can be used during peak usage times or sold back to the grid.

Is your home suitable for a heat pump and solar panels?

Most homes are! With advancements in technology, heat pumps can adapt to various settings. And when it comes to solar panels, as long as your roof gets a decent amount of sunlight, you’re good to go. 

Just keep in mind that if you don’t have accessible roof space or if you live in a listed building or area of outstanding natural beauty, you may need to seek planning permission. And don’t forget about the energy demands of heat pumps when considering roof space.

Warma UK: Your Gateway to Grants

Now that the idea of a solar-powered heat pump has sparked your interest, make sure you check to see if you could be eligible for a grant to pay for the system.

At Warma UK, we specialise in securing grants for solar, heating and insulation, making sustainable living more accessible than ever.

Discover the perfect combination of a heat pump and solar panels for a green and cosy home. With our support, you can make your energy-efficient and well-insulated dream home a reality. Join us on the path towards clean energy and efficient heating for a sustainable and cost-effective future.

See if you're eligible for free solar, heating and insulation grant

See if you're eligible for free solar, heating and insulation grant

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