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Insulation Not On Benefits

Can You Get Free Insulation Without Being on Benefits?

The cost of heating your home is a significant expense. With unpredictable energy prices, the importance of having an energy-efficient home is more crucial than ever.  

Insulation is one of the most effective ways to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but the cost of installation can be prohibitive. This leads to the question:  

Can You Get Free Insulation If Not on Benefits? 

Yes, you absolutely can! Even if you’re not receiving government benefits, there are several programs in the UK that can help you get free or cheaper insulation for your home.  

What’s Available? 

  • The Great British Insulation Scheme: Once known as ECO+, this offers a variety of insulation options, including for your loft, walls (both inside and out), or even beneath your floors. And the best part? You don’t need to be on benefits to qualify. They’ll look at things like your home’s energy efficiency and what council tax band you fall into. 
  • ECO4 Scheme: This one’s usually aimed at low-income families already receiving benefits, but there’s a twist —the Local Authority Flex Scheme that’s part of ECO4 and enables your Local Authority to support households that aren’t on benefits but may be eligible for a variety of other reasons.  
  • Connected For Warmth Scheme: This program focuses on handing out free insulation and other energy-efficient upgrades to homes that fall into specific council tax bands (A-D). Again, you don’t need to be on benefits to be eligible. 

Types of Insulation You Could Get for Free 

You might be surprised, but you can get pretty much all types of insulation through these grants, even if you’re not receiving benefits: 

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) Scheme 

The ECO4 scheme is a government backed scheme designed to tackle fuel poverty and reduce the emissions caused by poorly insulated and energy inefficient homes. 

It’s aimed at households on benefits, a low household income or for people living with a long term health condition. 

These grants are completely free and do not need to be repaid by the homeowner under any circumstances. There is £4 billion of funding available as part of the ECO scheme.  

This Government backed programme obligates energy suppliers to offer grants to help the least efficient households become more energy efficient and reduce their carbon emissions.  

The fourth phase of the scheme, called ECO4, started in July 2022 and it will run until March 2026 

The Great British Insulation Scheme 

The Great British Insulation Scheme, which used to be called ECO+, is a cool government program that helps homeowners who aren’t on benefits get free or cheaper insulation upgrades. It’s different from the ECO4 scheme because it’s eligibility criteria is wider and open to more people. 

All you need to qualify is for your home to be in council tax bands A-D in England or A-E in Scotland and Wales, and your home should have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D or below. It doesn’t matter if you’re receiving benefits or not. 

The scheme can cover part or all of the cost of things like loft or cavity wall insulation, which can make your home more energy-efficient and save you money on heating bills, no matter what your income is. 

So, if you’re looking to make your home more eco-friendly and cosy, the Great British Insulation Scheme offers a great opportunity. 

The Connected For Warmth Scheme 

The Connected For Warmth Scheme is a government-funded program that lets homeowners and private tenants get free loft insulation, even if they’re not on benefits. What’s cool about this program is that it doesn’t matter how much you earn or whether you get benefits—the only thing that matters is if your home falls in council tax bands A-D. 

But it’s not just about free loft insulation. The scheme also hooks you up with other energy-saving goodies, heating systems, smart heating controls, and LED light bulbs. 

It’s all about making homes across the UK more energy-efficient, which can help cut down on energy bills and carbon emissions.  

So, if you want to make your place more energy-efficient without worrying about your income or benefit status, the Connected For Warmth Scheme offers a straightforward way to get some major home improvements for free. 

Act Quickly with Warma UK 

It’s important to note that the ECO4 and Great British Insulation Schemes are both set to end in March 2026. This means that the window of opportunity to take advantage of these schemes is limited, so it’s best to act quickly if you want to secure free or subsidised insulation for your home. 

Don’t worry about the process, Warma UK is here to guide you to apply for free insulation grants.  Our team of experts will help you navigate the application process and ensure that you receive all the benefits available to you. 

Better still, Warma UK’s team of trusted engineers will install all of your upgrades, meaning you only ever have to deal with one company, making the whole process seamless and easy. 

Improving your home’s insulation can lead to significant energy bill savings, so it’s an opportunity worth exploring regardless of your benefits status. By taking advantage of the available schemes and funding, you can make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable, while also saving a good chunk of money on your bills. 

See if you're eligible for free insulation grants
See if you're eligible for free insulation grants​
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