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Gas Boiler Ban

What You Need to Know About the Gas Boiler Ban

Back in 2019, the UK Government announced that there would be a ban on gas boilers. While this was not an immediate ban, it still caused panic but the reason behind the ban is to help the country reach its carbon emission target of being carbon neutral by 2050. In the UK, there are 29 million homes and only 1 million of those are actually using low-carbon heating, proving that more can be done.

At this point, you might be wondering how this will impact you and your home. Will it affect all homes in the UK and what does the future hold for heating? What this article offers is an answer to these questions and further insight into what to expect when the ban comes into force.

If you think that your boiler is likely to fail soon or it has been costing you money to repair, then it could be worth looking to replace it with the new options that are available. The older your boiler is, the less efficient it becomes and that can mean you are spending more money and doing further damage to the environment.

So, if you are in a position where a change is needed then it could be time to speak with specialists and identify what grants are available to you.

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Are Gas Boilers Being Completely Phased Out?

Yes, they are being phased out although implementation of this ban is still unclear although it will be happening. The government has announced that the date will be brought forward to 2023 instead of 2025 as it plans to align this change with its net-zero plans for 2050. However, this new date was then removed from the report that the government released with no new date added. So, currently, the government has recognised that an error occurred although it has stated that they want the date implemented as soon as possible and in the shortest time frame. Whichever way you look at this, the government wants all new homes to be powered by low-carbon energy and not connected to the gas grid. However, it is not just gas boilers that are being banned in the future, all fossil-fuel boilers will be banned. So, with gas being the main type of boiler, it is understandable that people are concerned.

What is the Reason for Banning Gas?

The majority of us are aware of the impact that carbon dioxide is having on our planet. As it currently stands, we are heading towards our sixth mass extinction and if we want to change the outcome, we all need to act quickly. The UK has identified the problem and now wants to make the necessary change to ensure that it hits the climate change targets by 2030. Therefore, a ban on gas boilers is the start of the change.

In the UK, around 14% of greenhouse gas emissions come from homes and this mainly comes from those gas boilers that keep us warm and comfortable all year round. If we want to make sure that our country meets its carbon-neutral target then we are going to need to make a switch. In fact, it has been identified that the UK won’t hit these targets unless it removes most of the greenhouse gas emissions from homes. Essentially, this means that we need to get rid of gas, which is a challenge because 85% of homes are now using gas, so what does the future look like when it comes to banning gas and making a change?

The Future

The future is going to be different and our reliance on gas is going to change. Once the ban comes into force, it will mean that all new homes will utilise low-carbon heat pumps and heat networks that will provide the heat they need. This is a big and bold move but one that could see more than 2.5 million heat pumps installed in new homes by 2030 as part of the drive to become carbon-neutral.

So, if we are moving away from gas, what alternative will we use? Hydrogen is one possible solution that could be used to provide heating to homes and when combined with hydrogen, it could mean that everyone continues to stay warm and comfortable, all whilst helping to reduce the impact on our planet.

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