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Heat Pump Demand

Heat Pump Demand is Set to Soar

If you thought that all of the news you had heard about heat pumps was nothing more than empty talk then you might want to think again. Things are changing and as a country, the UK is collectively moving towards its target of going net zero by 2050. You might think that it doesn’t impact you or that you don’t have to play a part but in reality, you do, we all do!

Our planet has been significantly impacted by our use of non-renewable energy sources, generating carbon emissions that threaten to transform our planet for the worse. With this in mind, it’s important to realise that some significant changes are coming. Gas boilers will eventually be phased out and replaced with new technology, making it important for you to recognise that now might be the time to look at your options. Sure, your boiler might be new and might not need replacing for ten years or more but once that time arrives, you’ll need to make the switch and be ready for it too!

So, this means that you have to understand that there is help out there for you to cover the cost of heat pumps and this includes the Renewable Heat Incentive among other financial incentives. It’s an incentive that will only be around for another 12 months and then you might find that you have to cover the cost. However, the Heat Pump Association has determined that demand is increasing because more people are now recognising the potential of this new technology. In 2019 and 2020 around 35,000 heat pumps were sold and this includes both ground source and air source heat pumps. As we look at this year, more than 67,000 units have been installed and this is proof that more people are now making the switch. By 2028, the government has a target of 600,000 installations and so, this proves that things are moving in the right direction. This has also been backed up by a report from the UK Power Networks which has forecasted that by 2030, anything up to 1 million domestic heat pumps could be installed, once again, proving that there is a possibility that things will begin to improve for our planet.

Thinking of Making the Switch

The heat pump market is growing and with that will come advances as the years roll on. However, at the moment, the market is extremely busy and with the Renewable Heat Incentive available to you, it actually could be considered the right time to switch. 

The cost of a heat pump system can reach as much as £10,000 which is a lot of money but that is the reason why the government has placed this incentive out there for people to take advantage of. It should have ended this April but it has been extended to April 2022, giving you around 10 months to take action. Nobody knows whether another incentive will follow this but it is likely that as time goes on, the incentives will become less and will therefore become less rewarding. 

Heat pumps work at a lower temperature than traditional heating systems. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure that your home is also set up correctly. This means that you should place a focus on ensuring it is adequately insulated to ensure that you retain as much of the heat as possible. The Green Homes Grant is another option available that will provide you with a voucher to cover some or all of the costs involved in bringing your insulation up to modern standard should it be required. 

The reality is that you shouldn’t look at this new technology as being a flash in the pan because it is here to stay. The government is serious about meeting its target and with the gas boiler ban coming into force in less than ten years, you’re going to need to make sure that you are ready to make that next step.

It might be a new technology and different to what we are used to but that is like any other part of our lives. It’s important that everyone embraces the new technology and looks to make their home as green as possible as this will ensure that we do all we can to reverse the damage while making savings on our heating bills!

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