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Heat Pumps - Getting Your Home Ready

If you are looking to get the most out of your air source heat pump then preparing your home with the right improvements can make a difference. 

Air source heat pumps operate at low temperatures which are a lot lower than that of conventional heating systems. So, prior to considering whether to install a heat pump, you will need to think about the condition of the insulation in your home and whether you need to improve it. This is particularly true for heat that is lost through walls, floors and roofs as this will need to be minimised. This will ensure that when your property is heated to a lower temperature by a heat pump, there will be no problem, so where do you begin?

Loft Insulation

Loft insulation is a simple one to begin with and this will generally need a u-value of 0.16W/m2k. As a result, you will need to lay 270mm of wool insulation in your loft space. This is something that you can do yourself and it will be around £6 per m2 or you could choose to use a company that will do it for you.

Wall Insulation

If your home was constructed after 1935 then there is every chance that you will have cavity walls and these are relatively easy to insulate. This job involves drilling into the walls and then injecting the insulation into the cavity. This will need to be completed by a professional but the average cost is around £10 per m2 of wall. For those properties that have solid walls, then insulating these can prove more challenging but you do have options available. What this means is that you can either have cladding fitted internally or externally and this type of procedure can cost as much as £15,000.

If your property was constructed after the late 1990s then you’ll be pleased to know that it will have enough insulation which means that it will be adequate enough to install a heat pump. This is because these homes will retain more heat and are more suitable for low-temperature heating systems. Existing building regulations mean that homes that are built today are done so with excellent insulation, making a heat pump an ideal source for heat, helping to keep the costs down.

Double Glazing

Another measure that you should take advantage of when considering a heat pump is the installation of double glazing. Windows can be the main outlet for a large percentage of heat to escape and so, improving your current windows and installing well-insulated double glazing will help to reduce the amount of heat loss. According to the Energy Saving Trust, opting to install double glazing could save you over £100 on your bills every year. Along with this, you also have the potential for financial payback, so, installing double glazing can also bring with it a range of other benefits that are worth considering.

Embrace all of the Benefits

Installing double glazing will ensure that you increase the amount of heat that you can keep inside your home. This will mean that your home will feel warmer but you won’t need to use as much heating either. Through using less heat, you will reduce demand and room temperatures and that will help to reduce your carbon footprint which ultimately leads to a drop in your energy bills.

While heat retention and energy saving are two benefits worth considering, double glazing also comes with other benefits. It can help to reduce noise and reduce the amount that actually enters the home while intruders will also consider it to be a deterrent, helping to bolster the security of your home. 


So, if you are thinking about installing a heat pump in your property then you are going to need to consider reducing the amount of energy you use and the amount of heat you lose. Insulating your roof, walls and windows could help to increase the value of your home while they will also help you to live in a home that is more energy-efficient. When you consider these measures, you will be able to increase the potential for installing an air source heat pump. Heat pumps are now growing in popularity and are becoming more common in new build homes. Therefore, by choosing to take the right steps now, your current home could then benefit from the latest technology, helping you to save money and do your bit for the environment.

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