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How Often Should a Boiler Be Replaced?

Owning a boiler leaves you responsible for ensuring that it works how it is intended to work which is to provide your home with hot water and heating. Both of these things are dependent on it working correctly. However, many people buy a new home and have no idea how old the boiler is. In contrast, they might install a new boiler, only to realise that the years have flown by without realising or acknowledging whether they require a new heating system.

Therefore, this blog is designed to help you identify when you should think about replacing your boiler and how to maintain your boiler so you can extend its lifespan and keep it working for as long as possible. 

Replacing a Boiler - How Often Should it be Done?

This is a very common question that many people ask but there is no right or wrong rule or answer to follow. The lifespan of your boiler will be down to whether you maintain it correctly by having it serviced regularly because failing to do so will mean that you are increasing the chances of it failing sooner than it should. Furthermore, the amount that you use your boiler and the model that you choose will also play a part in how long it lasts.

On the whole, most boilers will have a lifespan of around ten years before they start to become inefficient although there is a chance that your boiler could last for 15 years. This is particularly true if you care for it by having it maintained. Unfortunately, many people choose to install a cheaper model due to their budget and that could mean that they find themselves replacing it as soon as five years after having it installed.

Getting The Installation Right

Finding the right boiler is really important but also finding the right installer is something that you should consider. What you need is a company that can offer you a wide choice of boilers to give you plenty of options and of course, their pricing needs to be fair. Furthermore, it’s important that they are qualified and Gas Safe registered too. The service you receive should be honest and trustworthy from start to finish because your boiler is an important part of your home so you need to get it right at every stage of the process.

When choosing your new boiler, make sure that you carry out all the necessary research. This means looking into every brand and model to find something that fits your needs. You’ll find options that are quiet, some that are eco-friendly and those that have a long lifespan. Therefore, you’ll need to find a boiler that fits your home and your requirements. Your chosen installer should also be able to give you help too, should you need it.

It’s about finding the right boiler that covers all aspects. You’ll need something that is covered by your budget yet you’ll want a boiler that is cheap to run. Giving yourself as many options as possible will help you to make a better decision and that is especially important when it comes to finding a suitable boiler. 

Boiler Servicing Plans

Once you have selected your boiler and you have had a professional install it for you, then it is time to think about taking care of it. This means that you should think about putting an annual service plan in place. This will ensure that your boiler is maintained year after year. Boilers that are serviced regularly can last for 50% longer than those that are not maintained. Furthermore, a boiler service is not expensive and they can be completed quickly too. 

When your boiler is serviced, your engineer will carry out a range of visual checks to make sure that the casing is not damaged or corroded. The engineer will also look at all of the internal components and check that they are in good working order. During the service, any small parts that require replacing will be replaced while the boiler will be cleaned and checked for blockages or grime. Having a service each year will keep your boiler in good working order and it will reduce the likelihood of it breaking down. 

Taking care of your boiler brings with it many benefits. You’ll keep your boiler working efficiently, help it to last longer and ensure that it remains safe.

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