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Combi Boiler

How to use a combi boiler efficiently

Although combi boilers already boast a great energy efficiency record, there are still small changes that you can make to further improve the system. This guide will take you through some of the ways that you can use your combi boiler more efficiently to reduce your energy usage and bills.

How efficient is a combi boiler?

Modern, gas combi boilers tend to be far more energy-efficient than other types of boilers. When brand new, it is not unheard of for better quality models to achieve a rating as high as 98%. This is because combi boilers come without excess hot water cylinders, as they are capable of heating water upon demand. This helps them to reduce wasted energy, as they avoid heating up water that does not get used.

Combi boilers are ideal for smaller homes, with one bathroom. Homes with more than three bathrooms or 20 radiators are more suitable for traditional boilers.

Reduce the temperature of your home

The first port of call when looking to reduce your energy usage is to lower the temperature of your home. Just by turning your heating down by one or two degrees, you could potentially save around £80 per year.

Get a more energy efficient boiler

Like anything, as the age of a boiler increases, its quality gradually diminishes. As part of this process, the boiler loses efficiency. When the time is right, investing in a new boiler will not only be friendlier to the environment, it will also help you to save money on your energy bills.


Check for leaks

As a way of ensuring your boiler is retaining maximum efficiency, you should double-check your pipes and taps regularly to reassure yourself there are no leaks. This is because leaks result in wasted water, essentially depleting the efficiency of your heating system.


Buy water-saving taps and shower heads

Water-saving taps and shower heads work by limiting the amount of water that flows through them. If you use less water, your boiler does not have to heat as much, meaning you save on both your water and gas usage.


Delay turning your heating on

By leaving it until later in the year to turn your heating on, you can drastically reduce the amount of energy your boiler uses. Even limiting the heating, you use for an extra month, is yet another way to operate your boiler in a more efficient way, allowing you to save money.

Upgrade your thermostat

If your boiler has an analogue thermostat, you can upgrade to a wireless digital thermostat. This allows you to easily control the temperature of your home, through your mobile phone. With the use of a digital thermostat, you can avoid using energy, when no one is at home.

Do not heat every room

You do not need to constantly heat up every room, especially excess bedrooms that are rarely used. To put this in place, you can control the temperature of the individual radiators by adjusting the valves. As heat rises, it is also worth considering that you can turn the radiators off upstairs, including your bedroom.

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Michael Cornish

Michael Cornish