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Is an air source heat pump expensive to run?


Air source heat pumps are considered the future of home heating as we transition away from burning fossil fuels. Powered by electricity, they boast nearly three times the efficiency of a gas boiler, providing three units of heat for every unit of energy input. This, coupled with proper insulation, translates to lower bills. 

If you’re considering an air source heat pump to cut energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint, the burning question is, “Is an air source heat pump expensive to run?” The answer isn’t a simple yes or no; it depends on several factors. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the cost of air source heat pumps to make an informed decision for your home. 

Firstly, let's break down what an air source heat pump is.

Air source heat pumps work by extracting heat energy from the air, compressing it to warm your home, and pumping warm air into your central heating system. Remarkably, this process works regardless of the weather, even in temperatures as low as -15°C.

Compared to traditional fossil fuel boilers, Air source heat pumps significantly reduce carbon emissions and energy bills. Operating much like a reverse fridge, these heat pumps have been a tried and tested technology for over a century and serve as the primary source of home heating in much of Scandinavia, where winters are colder than in the UK.

Factors affecting operational costs: let’s break it down


The efficiency of an air source heat pump significantly influences its running costs. Warma UK installs air source heat pumps with the highest efficiency rating and fan systems designed to be virtually silent. While the heat pump’s efficiency is covered, attention to your home’s insulation is crucial. 


Optimal air source heat pump performance requires good wall and roof insulation. Coupling air source heat pump with proper insulation ensures efficiency, as they heat more gradually than gas boilers, necessitating the capture of heat within the home through insulation. 

Fortunately, if you qualify for a FREE heat pump under one of Warma UK’s grant schemes, all necessary insulation for optimal heat pump performance will be installed. 

Click on the button below to see if you’re eligible. 

See if you're eligible for free air source heat pump grant

See if you're eligible for free air source heat pump grant

Solar panels: 

If you’re already using solar panels to generate electricity, running an air source heat pump is even more cost-effective. Many households with solar panels almost entirely run their air source heat pumps for free. 

Warma UK can also install solar panels under grant schemes, potentially transforming your heating from an expensive gas-powered boiler to virtually free. 

Do air source heat pumps work in the UK?

Yes, heat pumps work very effectively in the UK. The moderate climate makes it an ideal location for air source heat pumps to operate efficiently, extracting enough heat from the outside air to keep homes warm even during colder months. 

How much money can I save with an air source heat pump?

According to the Energy Savings Trust, air source heat pumps can save homeowners up to £1,350 per year on heating bills. Modern heat pumps can be fitted in any type of home, with units about the size of a modern air conditioning unit, making space a non-issue for most homes.

Air source heat pump running costs

For a better understanding of air source heat pump running costs compared to other heating systems, here’s a quick cost comparison:

Running costs comparison

Heating MethodEfficiency (%)Annual Energy Use (kWh)Cost (p/kWh)Annual Bill
Air Source Heat Pump300%+10,000-20,00014.4p£800-£1,500
Gas Boiler90%12,500-15,0003.8p£600-£1,200
Electric Boiler100%12,500-15,00014.4p£1,500-£2,000
Oil Boiler90%+12,500-15,0005.6p£800-£1,500

As shown in the table, an air source heat pump is more efficient with lower annual energy use, leading to significant long-term cost savings. 

Grants for air source heat pumps in the UK 

To encourage air source heat pump adoption, several grants are available to homeowners and businesses. These grants provide financial support for purchasing and installing air source heat pump systems. 

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme offers a fantastic opportunity for homeowners in England and Wales to enjoy a £7,500 grant toward an air source heat pump. After covering the additional cost, air source heat pumps become cheaper to install compared to a modern boiler. 

Whether you qualify for a free air source heat pump under Warma UK’s various grant schemes or take advantage of the boiler upgrade scheme, installation costs will be less than a boiler. 

Ready to turn your home into an eco-friendly cost saving haven? Well, don’t be shy – apply for your air source heat pump grant today! Let Warma UK do all the legwork and be the sidekick you need on the journey to a cosier, more sustainable, and warmer home. 

See if you're eligible for free air source heat pump grant

See if you're eligible for free air source heat pump grant

Athira Harish

Athira Harish