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Is an air source heat pump right for my home?

A new independent service from Nesta, a leading, not for profit innovation agency tries to demystify this question.  

They are bringing together free, independent and unbiased advice to help homeowners decide whether a heat pump is the right choice for their home. 

Their new site provides information, tools and advice for informed home heating choices and includes case studies from heat pump owners so you can hear first-hand from people living in a variety of property types, think of their heat pump. 

Also on the site is an extensive FAQs that will answer any burning questions you may have about heat pumps as well as information about the free government grants available to you. 

Nesta is looking for people who are interested in green home heating to test this service and let them know how it could be improved. Give it a try – find out if a heat pump could be the right choice for your home.  

Athira Harish