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Test Drive A Heat Pump

Test drive a heat pump

It’s possible with your existing heating system!

Yes, we know we bang on about air source heat pumps quite a bit at Warma but that’s just because we know how good they can be for the planet and your wallet.  

We also understand that changing the way you heat your home is a big deal especially when there’s no way to “try before you buy”. 

Well, we’re aiming to change that, and we’ve teamed up with Dr Mike Fell from the University College London’s Energy Institute to simulate how a heat pump would perform in your home. 

First, see what a heat pump will look like in your home with our augmented reality tool, just use your smart phone or tablet to place the heat pump outside your home and get a great idea of how it’ll look. 

Next, and this is one we get asked about a lot, what do they sound like? Well, by following a couple of simple steps and using a Bluetooth speaker, you’ll be able to hear just what it’ll sound like (hint: you’ll have to listen pretty hard as they’re very quiet!). 

And most importantly, how will a heat pump perform in your home. Again, a couple of simple steps to follow and you can simulate a heat pump’s performance with your existing heating system today. 

Try it for yourself  

Want more? Thanks to Nesta’s new visit a heat pump scheme, you can do just that! See an air source heat pump in action and get your questions answered by heat pump owners. Just register on the website and hear directly from heat pump owners in your area and get first-hand experience of things like cost, and performance that you can’t find online. 

We hope you find our Test Drive a Heat Pump useful, want to know more? Give us a call or better still, check if you’re eligible for a free air source heat pump along with solar panels and insulation, all funded through government grants with our online eligibility checker here. 

Athira Harish