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Electric Storage Heater Grants

Off grid heating, Free Electric Storage Heater Grants

If your home is not connected to mains gas, or if you have no central heating, electric storage heaters can be a smart way to keep your home warm and toasty. In this article we’ll discuss how you can get storage heaters for your whole home for free, and how storage heaters can save you money on your energy bills.

Electric storage heaters can take advantage of lower off-peak electricity rates, you’ll need to be signed up to a time-of-use tariff (such as Economy 7 or Economy 10) to access cheaper electricity prices and if you are, these heaters can be a very smart way to keep your whole home warm and save you money.

If you already have electric storage heaters in one or two rooms but not in others in your home, you may be eligible for storage heaters throughout your home for free through a government grant! Interested? Hit the button to learn more.


See if you're eligible for free storage heater grants
See if you're eligible for free storage heater grants

What are electric storage heaters and how do they work? 

Electric storage heaters, also known as night storage heaters, are an electric heater that makes the most of off-peak electricity. 

The principle behind electric storage heaters is simple: electricity heats ceramic or clay bricks which store the heat inside an insulated heater.  

The heater spreads the heat around the room using convection currents. As the hot air from the heater rises, it pulls in cooler air. This gets warmed up by the ceramic bricks inside the heater and the cycle goes on, evenly spreading heat around the room.  

Sounds pretty simple but the latest storage heaters have some pretty nifty features like a boost button for when you need an extra hit of warmth, quiet fans that help spread the heat evenly, and timers so you can set them to warm up your space exactly when you need it.  

What’s an off-peak electricity tariff, such as Economy 7? 

Electricity companies provide cheaper energy when demand isn’t so high (i.e during ‘off peaks’). This is basically overnight – or at weekends. 

You might have heard of an Economy 7’ tariff – so-called because households get seven hours of cheaper electricity overnight. There are even ‘Economy 10’ tariffs – providing cheaper electricity over 10 hours. 

Other types of ‘Time of use’ tariffs can offer even better value, tailored to how you use electricity. These require a smart meter, so your supplier can track the time you’ve used electricity. 

Benefits of electric storage heaters 

Efficient Heating at Lower Costs: 

One of the biggest draws of electric storage heaters is their ability to slash heating costs. By soaking up electricity at night when it’s cheaper and releasing it during the day, you’re looking at noticeable savings on your energy bills.  

Energy Efficiency: 

Unlike old-school heaters that just blast heat non-stop, electric storage heaters let you call the shots. You can set them to heat up only the rooms you’re using, and with timers and controls on each one, you’re in full command. This means you’re not wasting energy or money heating up empty spaces. 

Convenience and Ease of Installation: 

Getting electric storage heaters set up is pretty straightforward. There’s no need for a complex system of pipes or vents, making the installation process simpler and less intrusive than other heating solutions. And once they’re in, they’re pretty low maintenance, needing just the occasional check-up to keep them running smoothly. 

Comfortable, Zoned Heating: 

Forget about waking up to a cold house in the morning. Electric storage heaters work to keep your space consistently warm, releasing heat gradually throughout the day. This means you can enjoy a comfortable home environment, whatever the weather outside. 

Environmentally Friendly: 

If you’re trying to be more eco-friendly, these heaters are a step in the right direction. They use less energy, which is not only good for your wallet but also for the planet. And if combined with solar panels, you can power your heating virtually for free using the energy you generate from the sun. 

Interested to see if you qualify for a solar and heating grant? Check your eligibility here   

See if you're eligible for free storage heater grants
See if you're eligible for free storage heater grants

Storage heaters and solar panels 

Pairing storage heaters with solar panels can create an incredibly efficient and eco-friendly home heating system. By generating electricity through solar panels during the day, you can charge your storage heaters without drawing much, if any, power from the grid, especially if you’re on a setup that allows for energy storage with a solar battery.  

Savings you can expect with Electric Storage heaters 

Savings from using electric storage heaters come in several forms. Firstly, by using off-peak electricity, you’re able to heat your home at a lower cost compared to standard electric heaters that operate during peak hours. Secondly, modern storage heaters are far more efficient than older models, with better insulation and more precise control systems that minimise heat loss and waste. 

However, the exact amount you’ll save will depend on your specific circumstances, including the size and insulation quality of your home, how you use the heaters, and the difference between peak and off-peak rates on your electricity tariff.  

Government Schemes and Incentives for electric storage heaters 

There are some pretty cool government schemes like the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme that help folks with lower incomes get their old storage heaters swapped out for shiny new efficient ones, without having to worry about the cost. If you’re under the ECO4 scheme, you could get help paying for everything – including storage heaters for several rooms and the installation of the heaters.  

Whether you can get these perks depends on a few things, like how much you earn, if you own your place, and how energy-efficient your home is.  

The whole idea is to make homes warmer and bills lower, all while giving the planet a little love by moving towards greener heating options. 

See if you qualify here 

How can Warma UK help you? 

Warma UK’s got your back when it comes to nabbing free storage heater grants in the UK, all thanks to the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme and several other Local Authority schemes.  

If you think you might qualify, just give us a ring or zip through our online form to kick things off. We’ll pop over to survey your place, figure out what works best for your home, snag some funding from energy companies, and get those new storage heaters installed, no fuss. 

But hey, it’s not just heaters we cover, remember we said Electric storage heaters save you even more with solar panels? Well we can secure you grants for those too, plus to make your heating system work a little less hard and keep all that warmth in, we’ll install the latest loft, cavity or solid wall insulation too. All funded through government grants! 

Unlike some other firms, we’re a one stop shop and we cover it all from application to installation, you’ll deal with just us, one friendly team from start to finish, simplifying your life and making the entire upgrade process as smooth as butter.  

With Warma UK’s help, you’re looking at a cosier home, lower energy bills, and a big thumbs up to being more energy-efficient. 

See if you're eligible for free storage heater grants
See if you're eligible for free storage heater grants
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