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Ways To Prevent Heat Loss

Top 7 Ways To Prevent Heat Loss

Keeping a home warm during the winter months is a top priority, especially during freezing temperatures, however, keeping a home warm costs money and as we know right now, saving money and energy is just as important as keeping a…

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Worcester Bosch Vs Viessmann Boilers

Worcester Bosch vs Viessmann boilers

Our heating engineering team at Warma have been installing boilers for decades and they say that Worcester Bosch boilers build quality are among the best. Throughout their boiler range they offer a 5 year warranty as standard. Worcester Bosch claim…

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Money Saving Tips Around The Home

5 Money Saving Tips Around The Home

If your heating system, whether that be central heating and boiler systems, electric heaters or storage heaters are not working to their full capacity then you will soon start to waste money as the months go by. Especially during the…

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How To Fix Insulation Problems

Homeowners have been encouraged to insulate their homes for over a decade now as a shift towards energy efficiency has become ever more important. As with any work carried out in a home the quality of insulation installation will have…

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