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Reduce Winter Heating Cost

How to reduce winter heating costs

As we go deeper into October, naturally, the British weather will take a turn for the worse. In response to the drop in temperature, homeowners all over the country will be turning their thermostats up and putting their boilers back…

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Renewable Energy UK

What is renewable energy?

Unlike, fossil fuels which will become increasingly difficult and costly to process as time goes on, sources of renewable energy can be replenished constantly. There’s a wide variety of renewable sources including solar, wind, hydroelectric and tidal power, as well…

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Non Renewable Energy UK

What is non-renewable energy?

Non-renewable energy comes from sources that will eventually run out or take a long time to replenish. Most non-renewable energy sources are fossil fuels, which were all formed in a similar way. Fossil fuels were curated within the earth, from…

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Smart Meter Challenges

What are the challenges facing smart meters?

Theoretically, smart meters are supposed to help homeowners be more conscious of their energy usage. However, as with any government scheme, success isn’t guaranteed. Simply installing smart meters in UK properties, won’t necessarily spark a sudden change in behaviour, which…

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Smart Meter Impact On Enviornment

Can smart meters help the environment?

Smart meters give homeowners the opportunity to see how much energy they are expending. The hope that comes with smart meters, is that the increase in information available to consumers will make them more conscious, potentially leading to a reduction…

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Eco-friendly Boiler UK

What is an eco-friendly boiler?

With the UK government intent on reducing carbon emissions, it’s likely that eco-friendly boilers will begin to replace gas boilers in the coming years. As eco-friendly boilers don’t release emissions into the atmosphere, they go about providing heating and hot…

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Boilers UK

How to find the cause of a noisy boiler

Although, it’s normal to hear some noise coming from your boiler, a continuously loud boiler is usually an indicator of a problem. Unfortunately, an increasingly noisy boiler generally has a fault that needs to be repaired. If this is ignored,…

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Biomass Boilers

What is a biomass boiler?

Biomass is a material, that comes from plants or even plant-based organisms. Biomass boilers are like gas and oil boilers that are found in most UK homes, except they are fuelled by solid biomass. The material used is usually either…

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Baxi Boiler Benefits

The benefits of using a Baxi boiler

Baxi have been around for well over 100 years. During this timeframe, Baxi have become one of the leading developers of boilers and home heating systems. This article will take you through some of the positives and negatives when it…

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