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Install Cavity Wall Insulation

Top 7 Reasons You Should Install Cavity Wall Insulation

Keeping your home warm, especially during the winter months, is very important. There are a variety of insulation methods that you can use if you have a cavity wall. A cavity wall has two layers of bricks and space in between. Cavity wall insulation involves filling this space with insulation material. It is one of the most affordable energy-saving methods of insulating your home. Here are some of the reasons you should use cavity wall insulation in your house.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Your home loses more than 50% of heat if you do not have wall insulation. That means you have to keep the heating system running for a long time to ensure that your home is warm.

Bear in mind that keeping your boiler system running for a long time increases energy consumption and therefore raises your energy bills. When you install cavity wall insulation, it will ensure that you lose less heat through the walls which ensures you will need less power to keep your house warm and comfortable. That will help lower your energy bill.

An Affordable Energy-Efficient Method

As mentioned above, wall cavity insulation is highly energy efficient. Unlike other measures, it is not expensive to install and will cost between £300-400. It is crucial to point out that you cannot put in cavity wall insulation yourself.

You will need to hire an expert, but that will still be cheaper than other energy-saving methods. Take your time picking a technician to ensure that you choose someone who is experienced and can do the work quickly.

It Is Quick And Easy To Install

Home improvements generally take a long time and can be disruptive. You may not be able to use one part of your house for as long as a week as the technicians work on it. Since they do the work from inside the house, it can be even more uncomfortable for you.

This insulation method is only slightly invasive and takes a short time to put in. The technicians will do the work outside your home so you and the members of your family can comfortably go on with your daily activities. They will drill a hole in the wall mortar joint and inject the insulating material into it. That process takes about 2 hours to complete, which is quite fast.

Environmentally Friendly

Using less energy is good for the environment. If you use gas or electricity to heat your home, getting wall insulation will reduce the amount of energy you use and therefore lower your carbon emissions. Bear in mind that you use more energy and, therefore, have a larger carbon footprint if heat is lost through your walls.

Reduces External Noise

If you live near a busy street, the exterior noise can keep you awake during the night or disrupt your work during the day. It is more unpleasant for people who work the night shift because external noise can make it impossible to fall asleep during the day. Wall insulation will serve as an acoustic insulator and reduce the noise that reaches you. Additionally, when you put in wall insulation, it reduces the impact of the noise from your home on your neighbors.

Improve Your Comfort Levels

Installing insulation in your cavity wall will ensure that you are more comfortable in your home. Non-insulated walls lose a large amount of heat which can make your home cold and uncomfortable. Sleeping in a cold house can make symptoms of conditions like asthma worse and even result in infections. Insulating your home ensures that it is warm and comfortable even when it is cold outside.

Prevents Mold Growth

Water seeping into your wall can cause mold to grow on your walls. Mould can make the members of your family sick and make the air difficult to breathe. If you have asthma or bronchitis, mold can worsen the symptoms. Cavity wall insulation will ensure water does not pool in the walls when it rains and, therefore, mold does not grow in your home. Bear in mind that getting mold removed takes time and is expensive.

Final Thoughts

You and your family spend a lot of time in your home, and therefore, you should make sure that it is comfortable and energy-efficient. Installing cavity wall insulation will go a long way in making that possible for you.

Michael Cornish

Michael Cornish