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Renewable Heating And Solar Batteries

Renewable Heating and Solar Batteries

We are now moving into a world where renewable heating is now becoming a real thing. It is no longer a possibility but a need that we now look at alternative to traditional heating. So, what role does solar batteries play in creating a greener environment?

How is a Greener Grid Supported By Batteries?

Whether it is energy generated by wind, solar or tidal, we are now rapidly moving towards renewable energy sources. Therefore, as quickly as we can generate energy through these means, it can be lost or wasted just as quickly. However, the good news is that there is more than enough power from wind farms alone to power our country and wind farms are having to shut down temporarily because they are generating too much energy. Despite this, we need a way to store this energy so we can call on it when we need it and this is where batteries are required. Whether it’s on a national scale or a smaller scale such as that of individual homes, it is vital that we have a way to store it.

Lithium-ion Batteries

This is a type of battery that most of us have come across. They were first introduced by Sony in the 1990s and they have been used to power a range of devices since, such as mobile phones and even electric cars. However, in certain places around the world, they are also being used to store energy for electricity grids. So, the technology can be used to store energy but the reality is that they are expensive despite their price falling. This drop in price is likely to continue as more Lithium mines are opened.

So, on a large-scale, this makes them a feasible option for energy storage although there are some issues such as the fact that they are not necessarily environmentally friendly. Therefore, we could use up to 70% of it by 2025, which doesn’t bode well for the technology moving forward.

Is There an Alternative to Lithium-ion?

Research and development is always taking place and scientists have made massive progress in identifying alternatives. One option is flow batteries and this moves electrolytes from one tank to another time and time again. They are being used in some places around the world although there is always a downside to this technology and of course, this option is less efficient than that of Lithium-ion.

However, it’s not all bad news as there is an environmentally friendly option known as pumped hydro storage. It ses water and gravity to store vast amounts of energy but they do take up space although there is a chance that this could change as development continues.

Another option are proton batteries that use carbon and water as opposed to precious metals and they have the potential to change the way in which we store energy should they be scaled up to meet demand. Along with this, there is also a saltwater battery prototype being developed too.

Your Eco-Friendly Home and Using Batteries

There is no denying that we are going to have to find new ways in which to harness energy, particularly as we make the switch to eco-friendly heating systems. Therefore, the home of the near future is going to need some sort of storage capability so that any energy that is produced through the likes of solar or wind can be stored and used accordingly.

Having this ability to store will help homes to reduce carbon emissions and alter their use of energy too. Whether it’s using solar to heat water or solar to power your heating system, with battery storage, you will have the potential to transform your home into a place that is set up for a greener future. So, when the conditions are right, you could be generating energy and storing it for those times when the conditions are not quite right yet you still need energy. All in, residential batteries were once nothing more than a thought but now they are becoming a real possibility and that is where the future lies.

As we steer towards a greener future with the aim of meeting significant targets, this technology is going to be needed to help drive change and allow us to live our lives in a different way.

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