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Ground Source Heat Pump

Saving Energy With a Ground Source Heat Pump

As far as changes to our homes and energy use go, things don’t happen overnight but slowly, we can all make a difference. If you are considering adapting your home so that it becomes greener and more energy-efficient then a ground source heat pump can make a difference. While you might be wondering whether it is worth the switch or effort, we are here to help you make an informed decision.

Make Sure Your Home is Insulated

If you are considering a ground source heat pump to heat your home, then many people put their focus on that and don’t think of the bigger picture. What we are talking about here is the ability to consider how much energy you need, how much you lose and the inputs. Therefore, one thing to consider is that there is very little point in using a ground source heat pump if your home is not insulated correctly. With the right insulation in place, you can help to keep your costs down.

When it comes to saving energy, the first thing you should do is consider your losses and how to reduce your energy use. Therefore, the main thing to do is to ensure that the space you want to heat is insulated correctly and once you have that done, then you can consider the options that are available to you.

Selecting the Correct Ground Source Heat Pump

The market for Ground Source Heat Pumps is not wide and varied when compared to other renewable energy solutions currently available such as wind and solar. So, there are different suppliers to consider and they can all offer certain options when it comes to identifying what you want from your system. Therefore, it is worth understanding that there are two main types of ground source heat pumps:

  • Horizontal ground source heat pumps
  • Vertical ground source heat pumps that require the digging of a bore hole.
Installation of the Heat Pump and the Ground Loop

Once you understand what is involved when it comes to installing a ground source heat pump, you might feel as though there is too much work involved. This is specifically true for the ground loop, which is the part of the system that plays a role in exchanging energy with the ground and so, it will require a lot of digging. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider precautions.

It is worth understanding that you will need to make a high initial investment but there are grants available to take advantage of but you can take comfort from the fact that in time, your savings are going to mean that the system pays for itself. You’ll also want to make sure that you use a reputable installer which goes without saying. Any modifications or changes to the system can prove costly, therefore, you will need to know that it is installed correctly.

Distribution System Adaptation

Aside from the heat pump itself or the ground loop, one of the basic components of a ground source heat pump is the distribution system. This is the part of the system that releases the heat that has been obtained by the ground loop. Therefore, it’s important to consider just how effective and efficient the system really is.

Go Smart

Once the system is installed, you might think that you won’t need to do anything with it again but this is not true. You can enhance its efficiency even further if you enable a smart system that can help your system identify some kind of usage pattern. Whether it’s heating one room only, heating rooms in readiness for your return from work or simply controlling the temperature, it can all make a difference. Smart heating is transforming the world of heating and with technology evolving rapidly, you can be sure that you can benefit.

So, while you might feel as though this kind of system is beyond your reach, it’s worth noting that in the next few years, should you need to change your heating system, gas will no longer be available. What this means is that now is the time to consider your system. Whether it needs changing or not is another matter but enhancing your knowledge of this kind of system will ensure you can make an informed decision when the time comes. It’s time we all did our bit in helping to reverse the damage caused by greenhouse gases and that could begin at home.

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