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Should Gas Boilers Be Banned in New Homes by 2025?

The UK is pushing on with its target of emitting zero carbon emissions by 2050 and as part of that it is looking to phase out the installation of gas boilers in new properties. Gas boilers have been an integral part of our homes for many years and we all take them for granted. However, our thinking is going to have changed, especially if you are purchasing a new home after 2025. In fact, this approach is something that we are all going to need to take at some point in the near future as the phase-out of gas boilers in all homes seems fairly likely.

The government is now clearly pushing on with these changes and many incentives available to homeowners are now encouraging them to make the switch to renewable heating. The Renewable Heat Incentive is designed to give homeowners payments for any energy they produce using a sustainable heating system. While this is only going to be in place for another year, it’s an important indication as to how much the government wants to encourage people to think about their actions.

Despite this, should gas boilers be banned in new homes by 2025?

What’s Been Found?

To begin with, it has been found that we have to make a change by 2050 in order to give ourselves a chance of reversing the damage we have caused to our planet. Therefore, the Committee of Climate Change has concluded that new homes should be fitted with heating systems that use low-carbon energy.

The aim is to use low-carbon alternatives that help to create efficient household heating and this should become a necessity within the next four years. Therefore, the recommendation is that any new house built by 2025 should not be connected to the gas grid. Of course, this has been followed by concerns that current properties are not set up for the future given that many homes still have gas heating systems. As climate change and global warming continues to be unpredictable. The reality is that it is likely that current homes will be adapted and fitted with alternatives that can help them to assist in helping the UK reach its targets. Any new build properties that are fitted with the latest energy-efficient heating systems can save anything from £70 to £260 each year and this could increase should new homes be fitted with air or ground source heat pumps or solar alternatives.

The UK government has made a significant commitment to becoming greener and choosing better alternatives. These are goals that we all have to reach ourselves and that means that we should all be looking at greener systems when the time comes to install a new heating system. Therefore, it could be time to look at using systems that no longer rely on gas and rely on electricity that has been generated in an efficient way.

Are Electric Boilers a Suitable Alternative?

Electric boilers work on a similar principle to that of traditional gas boilers. However, they don’t rely on fuel to heat the water in a central heating system and instead, they use electricity. These systems provide a greater level of energy efficiency when the electricity is generated using some of the new technologies that are currently available and fall within many of the government schemes on offer. You can take advantage of electric combi boilers that offer excellent space economy as they combine water heating and central heating and they are 100% efficient when the electricity is derived from a renewable source.

While you might think that installation is challenging, it is anything but this. In fact, as they are powered by electricity, there is no need for a flue or fuel supply. This means that it can be placed anywhere within the home, making them ideal for those homes that lack space. However, it’s important that you do your research because these systems are evolving and changing at an impressive rate, so it’s important to find something that works for you. It’s also recommended that you look into the incentives and schemes on offer.

So, should gas boilers be banned in new homes by 2025?

We absolutely believe that this should be the case. We now need to act fast if we are going to give our planet the chance of recovering and that begins with us all making small changes.

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