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Slowing Down Climate Change

Slowing Down Climate Change - How Can We Do it?

Climate change is very real and is a problem that we are needing to deal with right here, right now. Our planet is increasing in temperature and this is having an impact beyond anything we have seen before. Therefore, we now have to act to make changes and reverse the damage as much as possible. We only have to look around the world to see the problems we are facing but how we live our lives is having an impact on global warming. Therefore, there are some things that we can do to make a difference and a change.

Many experts and scientists are coming together to look at ways in which we can reverse the problem. Therefore, it is important to understand what we can do to play a part.

Connecting Online

By changing our approach to how we work, we can make a big difference on the way in which we are damaging our planet. With more people working from home, it removes millions of cars from the road, reduces carbon emissions and helps to reduce the amount of heat that offices make in terms of heating, which also impacts carbon emissions. Of course, with more people moving to home working, it’s important that we adopt renewable heating solutions at home to help remain as green as possible.

Smart Homes

We can now live smarter than ever before thanks to technology. We can now control our heating from anywhere, using smart devices that monitor our behaviour and usage. All in, this is an integral part of changing how we use energy. Instead of having our heating come on at a certain time, it can be activated when it detects that we are close to home. What’s more, you can also control separate rooms and adjust indoor temperatures to suit your needs. Through interactive reporting, this can become a fun and exciting way to monitor your use and keep a track of how you are using energy in your home.

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal systems use the sun to heat up water that can be used in the home. We use vast amounts of fossil fuels when using gas heating systems but that no longer has to be the case. With these systems, you can harness the heat of the sun to heat your home and create hot water. They are designed to absorb the energy from the sun and that means that you can make significant savings on your energy bills while also ensuring your home becomes greener.

Wind Turbines

In a similar way to solar, wind turbines enable you to access a renewable source of energy. This means that you can harness the power of the wind to generate energy that can then be converted into power that can be used in your home. Of course, you will need to have a wind turbine located in a position that exposes it to the wind but on the whole, this is a technology that is evolving and becoming more useful around the home.

Storing Renewable Energy

Generating renewable energy is one thing but storing it is another and this is where big advancements have been made. Previously, any energy generated would have to be used but now technology is making it possible to charge batteries in order to store the energy. This ensures that you can generate energy and then use it as you need it.

Distributed Energy Resources

Communities are now taking control over the power they use through distributed energy resources. These are also known as microgrids and they can be used to produce energy that is cleaner while also helping to reduce power costs for consumers. It can be a difficult process to gain community agreement for projects such as this but with the current situation getting worse, it’s likely that more people are going to see the benefits of moving away from the national grid. This will provide you with more direct control over power usage while also saving money across the board.

We have to start making conscious decisions when it comes to how we generate and use energy. With incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive, it is possible to make the switch to a renewable heating system while being paid by the government.

Worcester Bosch Boiler

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Michael Cornish