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Air Sourcr Heat Pump Benefits

The Benefits of an Air Source Heat Pump

If you are considering making the switch to a greener way of heating your home, then you might have heard about Air Source Heat Pumps. Of course, there are many different types of heating solutions to choose from and with gas boilers being phased out, there has never been a better time to begin looking for the right alternative for your home and your needs.

You might be undecided which is no problem as there is plenty of time to choose but of course, different homes will only suit different systems while needs will also play a role. So, we are placing a focus on air source heat pumps, helping you to determine what they offer and the benefits that come with them. So, read on and you will find out why air source heat pumps provide a great alternative.

Reduced Fuel Bills

It’s safe to say that everyone wants to spend as little as possible on heating bills. After all, it’s one of our largest outgoings each month. However, when you choose to use an air source heat pump, you will be able to make excellent savings.

Below we have highlighted some of the average costs among the different heating systems:

3 Bedroom Home Built in the 80s

  • ASHP £1154
  • New Oil £1760
  • LPG £2279
  • Electric £3632

5 Bedroom Home Built in the 80s

  • ASHP £1809
  • New Oil £2882
  • LPG £3738
  • Electric £5953

As it is clear to see, an ASHP has the potential to save a significant amount of money based on the other systems on offer.

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

It’s fair to say that it is time that we all did our bit to help reduce emissions. There is clearly a problem that we are all facing together and our current heating systems are contributing to this problem which is not a good thing. So, while you might benefit from lower bills, you will also be able to sleep easy knowing that you are also emitting fewer carbon emissions, giving you a cleaner and greener form of heating.

It is surprising to see the amount of carbon emissions a home can emit from the heating system alone. By making the switch, it’s possible to help our planet avoid the devastating effects of carbon dioxide.

Heat Both Your Home and Hot Water

An air source heat pump comes with the benefit of being able to heat both your home and your water. As it delivers everything you need on demand, you can benefit from having a simple system that is both efficient, effective and simple, which cannot be said about other systems.

Benefit from Renewable Heat Incentive Payments

The UK Government created this scheme to help people financially when it comes to making the switch to a greener heating system. Therefore, with RHI payment, you can opt to benefit from payments that can reach as much as £1,500 per year. This incentive is being phased out in 2022 but it is still worth taking advantage of while it is still available.

Simple to Install

The good thing about air source heat pumps is that they are simple to install and can be done in around one to two weeks while disruption is kept to a minimum. Don’t worry, as your current system will still remain in place which means that you will still have access to heating and hot water when you need it. The installation will be completed and the switch will be made.

Can Work at Temperatures as Low as -18 degrees

While this temperature is a freakishly low temperature in the UK, it is still possible that the temperature can really plummet in some area of the UK. Still, even when we have very cold winters, it is good to know that your heating system can be relied on to give you hot water and heating when you need it.

They Last

The great thing about these systems is that they are extremely reliable and hard-wearing which means that they can last for long periods of time. With the right maintenance and servicing, you could expect your system to last for as long as 20 years.

Save Space

You won’t need any large oil or electric radiators throughout your home which means that you can save space. What’s more, you won’t need to find somewhere to store fuel either which is something you might be doing right now.

Michael Cornish