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Annual Boiler Service

The Benefits of an Annual Boiler Service

Your boiler is an integral part of your home. However, it can also become a big problem if you fail to take care of it in the right way. This involves getting your boiler serviced to ensure that it works safely and doesn’t cost you more money than it needs to. Therefore, you should have your boiler serviced regularly because it brings with it the following benefits:

It Saves Money on Energy

When you have your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer, they will carry out all the necessary checks to ensure that your boiler is running efficiently. This will mean that your boiler is clean and that all parts are working correctly, enabling your boiler to work efficiently. When your boiler runs efficiently, it won’t need to work as hard and that means that it uses less energy. What this means is that you will save money on your energy usage.

Keep Your Warranty

All new boilers will come with a warranty and now they come with lengthy warranties that can give you complete peace of mind. However, when you fail to have your boiler serviced regularly, it could mean that you won’t be covered. Many manufacturers require you to have your boiler serviced regularly as this will help to identify potential problems while also preventing an array of problems too. When you have it serviced, it will also mean that your boiler is unlikely to breakdown and that means that you can rely on it all year round.

Avoid the Costs of Repairs

Boiler repairs can prove costly and of course, they can range from minor to major. However, all of this can be avoided by having your boiler checked regularly. This will ensure that your boiler becomes more reliable while reducing the likelihood of needing repairs. A regular inspection will ensure that any small issues are rectified before they become significant problems.

Every 12 months, you should have your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe engineer as this can help to discover issues that might have cost you a lot of money if left untreated. 

Get Ready for Winter

Even during the summer months you should think about your boiler and prepare it for the winter months. Before the winter arrives it makes sense to have your boiler serviced. If you fail to do this then you might find that once you begin using your boiler more, it can develop a problem. Even worse, you might find that it simply isn’t working at all. Preparing your boiler the right way, you will keep your family safe and warm.

Extend the Life of Your Boiler

A boiler that is well maintained and looked after will more than likely last longer than those boilers that are not serviced. Through regular maintenance by a Gas Safe registered engineer, you will keep your boiler running smoothly and efficiently while also helping to deal with problems before they become a serious problem, all of which will keep your boiler working well. Of course, if your boiler is already nearing the end of its life, which is around 15 years on average then you might want to consider replacing it with a newer and more efficient model.

Meet Your Legal Requirements

As a business owner or a landlord, you are required to ensure that your boiler remains safe. Therefore, an annual service becomes a legal requirement. The law requires you to present your tenant with a Gas Safety certificate every 12 months and this has to be provided by a Gas Safe registered engineer after they have completed all of the necessary checks and carried out any repairs. It is your responsibility as a landlord to arrange for this service to be completed every 12 months as a faulty boiler could cause significant problems.

Keep Everyone Safe

One of the main advantages of having your boiler serviced is to ensure that your home remains safe. A faulty or damaged boiler could cause a fire or increase the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning. This poisonous gas is tasteless and does not smell which means that it is hard to detect. By having your boiler serviced, the engineer will carry out all relevant checks and will ensure that your boiler is safe.

So, if you want to take care of your boiler and keep your home safe, then you should have your boiler regularly serviced. 

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