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Baxi Boiler Benefits

The benefits of using a Baxi boiler

Baxi have been around for well over 100 years. During this timeframe, Baxi have become one of the leading developers of boilers and home heating systems. This article will take you through some of the positives and negatives when it comes to Baxi boilers.

Value for money

Baxi provide entry-level boilers at a good price, making them a suitable choice for first-time homeowners on a budget. With affordable boilers, that are straightforward to install, maintain and service, it’s easy to see why Baxi’s product range is so popular.

Exceptional customer service

Based on their personal experience, customers evaluate their boiler manufacturer. They might suffer very few issues with their boiler and receive a reliable service on a consistent basis. However, quite often, boiler manufacturers are judged more strictly on how they handle negative situations. Fortunately, Baxi have a great reputation for always providing outstanding customer service.

Trusted engineers

In the instance that you are having trouble with your boiler, you want the reassurance of knowing that the engineer on hand, is knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with faulty heating systems. Baxi can be counted on in this department, as their engineers are endorsed by Which? Trusted Traders. This means they are upheld to a certain standard, resulting in the fair treatment of customers. Alongside this, they must also ensure they comply with relevant government guidelines and legislation.

Baxi boiler warranties

Buying a new boiler requires a big investment. That’s why having a warranty is crucial, to avoid expensive repair work in the future. With up to 10-year parts and labour available, for Baxi products, the warranty length will vary, depending on the model. Although to ensure you stay compliant with the terms of the warranty, several conditions must be met.

Baxi boiler problems and errors

Boilers from any manufacturer can experience problems. Some issues can be resolved without the need for professional help. However, more serious problems will require the services of an engineer.

Frozen condensate pipe

When the weather is cold outside, there is the risk that the condensate pipe can freeze over. This is because this pipe runs from the boiler to an outside drain, leaving it exposed to freezing temperatures. Although, this is generally fixed easily, by pouring warm water over the pipe.

Low boiler pressure

Boilers need a balance of water and air in the system, to ensure they continue to function efficiently. A boiler with low pressure will struggle to deliver the sufficient hot water around the central heating system. A Baxi boiler will show low pressure by having less than one bar on the dial. Increasing boiler pressure can be done simply by adding more water to the system.

Boiler not lighting

There could be an array of faults with the system if your boiler is not lighting. This will be detrimental to you because your home won’t receive a sufficient circulation of heating and hot water. If your boiler is failing to light, you should first check there is a working gas supply. After this, you’ll need an engineer to carry out further checks.

These are all common boiler issues that can occur, no matter the manufacturer. Therefore, the reliability of a boiler can be measured, by observing the reviews of homeowners who already have one.

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