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Benefits Of Using A Viessmann Boiler

The benefits of using a Viessmann boiler

If you are in the market for a new boiler, then you have probably come across Viessmann. This article will present to you, exactly why Viessmann boilers are so popular with UK homeowners.


Reliable boilers from a trusted brand

Considering new boilers come with a hefty price tag, you obviously want to feel confident in your investment. As a brand, that is where Viessmann stand out. Along with innovative technology, to ensure that each boiler lasts their potential lifespan, Viessmann always use quality, long-lasting materials, such as stainless steel and brass, to ensure their products are extremely reliable.

Efficient boilers that save energy and money

Keeping your home well-heated uses up a considerable amount of energy, meaning a significant part of your domestic budget goes towards paying energy bills. Therefore, it is within your interest to find a boiler that possesses the technology to reduce its fuel consumption.

With Viessmann, you have one of the leading boiler manufacturers, to provide you with a variety of ways to improve the efficiency of your home heating system. While Viessmann offer standard gas boilers, they also have a range of solar thermal products. This allows you to provide your home with heating and hot water using solar energy.

Good customer service

Although Viessmann are a German brand, they have several bases in the UK, where they take pride in offering brilliant customer service and support. The Viessmann website provides customers with a variety of ways to contact its UK-based customer service team. It is also possible to book a Viessmann engineer online, meaning they will visit your property to check your boiler. Therefore, on the odd occasion that something goes wrong with your Viessmann boiler, you can quickly get the problem fixed.

Viessmann boiler warranties

Viessmann are one of the best boiler brands around when it comes to warranties. For a standard warranty, Viessmann are so confident in the reliability of their products, that they will fix or replace any parts that go wrong, for free, within two years from the date of delivery.

As well as offering extended warranties on most of their boiler models, to further reassure their customers, a lot of Viessmann’s boilers come with a five-year parts and labour warranty.

Viessmann Boiler Problems and Errors

Even though Viessmann boilers are well-renowned for their efficiency and reliability, they can still go wrong. While this is unfortunate, there is no need to panic, as usually, your Viessmann boiler will show an error code, which will identify the issue for you.

There are several Viessmann boiler issues you will be able to fix yourself. One of these, is a drop in your boiler’s pressure. However, if in doubt, or you just want an expert opinion, then you should contact your boiler engineer.

If your boiler is within warranty and the issue is covered, then you could get it fixed for free. However, if the issue is not covered then you will need to pay for it yourself.

Closing thoughts on Viessmann boilers

While Viessmann boilers are at the expensive end of the market, you are guaranteed a high-quality and long-lasting, reliable product. The brand is widely recognised as one of the market leaders, by both homeowners and engineers, making them the go-to option for many customers, in need of a new boiler.

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