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Zanussi Boiler

The benefits of using a Zanussi boiler

Founded over 100 years ago in Italy, Zanussi have extensive experience in producing home appliances. Throughout their decorated history, Zanussi have also shown themselves to be a reliable boiler manufacturer. This article will run you through some of the positives and negatives of Zanussi boilers, helping you in your quest to find a new boiler.

Well established company

Even if you have never considered buying a new boiler, you still probably recognise their brand name. Zanussi’s detailed history has allowed them to build up a solid infrastructure. Along with the fact that there are spare parts consistently available, Zanussi are dedicated to their array of customers, meaning the company is viewed in a positive light.

High level of efficiency

Boilers that burn natural gas, tend to produce waste gases. Essentially, this means that not all the fuel is converted into energy. However, with efficiency levels between 92 to 93%, Zanussi have a created a range of highly efficient boilers. This means that their boilers waste very little energy, reducing a home’s carbon footprint and energy bills.

Zanussi boiler warranties

While Zanussi’s standard warranty period only lasts for 12 months, it can be extended to 10 years. Although, for this to happen, the boiler must be installed by a Gas Safe engineer. You are also required to sign up for their annual service agreement.

Common Zanussi boiler problems and errors

Like any manufacturer, Zanussi boilers can suffer issues too. Although, some of these problems are more common than others. If something goes wrong, your boiler should display an error code, which should provide you with the necessary information to help you fix the problem.

Boiler keeps shutting down

If your boiler suddenly stops working and shuts down, then there is a possibility that there is a lack of waste flow within the system. This can happen for several reasons including valves getting stuck in a closed position, air getting trapped in the system or a pump failure.

You can potentially fix this problem by yourself, by bleeding your radiators. There is a chance you have been successful if when you turn the radiator key, you hear the hiss of air escaping the system. Then, you can reset the boiler to see if it is up and running normally.

Leaks in the system

While a small leak might not seem like much of a problem, it will likely get worse over time. Quite often, a leak is found near a valve or seal. This suggests that some of the pipes have corroded, resulting in rust and debris entering your heating system. In the worst-case scenario, it could also lead to the boiler electronics short-circuiting.

Low boiler pressure

If your boiler pressure drops below 1 bar, then it will probably start struggling to produce hot water. With that in mind, there are several reasons behind your boiler’s low pressure. These include a leak within the central heating system, a leak from the pressure relief valve, a faulty expansion vessel, corroded pipes and an airlock in the system.

With there being an extensive number of potential problems, your boiler needs to be assessed by a heating engineer, to find the issue.

Worcester Bosch Boiler

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