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Ideal Boilers

The Complete Guide to Ideal Boilers

For over 100 years, Ideal have been manufacturing boilers to meet the ever-developing needs of homeowners across the UK. They offer an extensive range of boilers, including combi, regular and system boilers. This means that they have a suitable option for everyone’s heating and hot water demands, no matter the size of the property. This guide will take you through some of the best boilers that Ideal currently have on the market.

Ideal Logic C30

The Ideal Logic C30 is an extremely efficient, combi boiler, making it a great option for homeowners who are conscious of their impact on the environment. Their ability to avoid wasting energy means that you will also benefit from saving money on your energy bills.

As combi boilers produce water on demand, they do not require any additional space for separate water tanks, like regular or system boilers. This makes them perfectly suited to flats or small homes that have a relatively low water demand, while their lightweight and compact size means they can be hung on a wall or stored in a kitchen cupboard.

Ideal Logic C24

The Ideal Logic C24 is the same model as the C30, therefore it shares all the same key features. However, there is one stand-out difference. This boiler is smaller as its power output is only 24kW, whereas the logic C30 clearly has a higher potential.

When deciding between the two, it is important to try and figure out which boiler best fits your property size. If you only have one bathroom and no more than ten radiators then the Logic C24 will be a good match. However, if you have a higher demand for water, then you will be better off with the Logic C30 or a different boiler altogether.

Ideal Logic Max 35 Combi

The Ideal Logic Max 35 Combi is a compact, cupboard-fitting boiler that has a large digital display screen, making it simple to use and easy to install. This boiler model has the same functionality and features as the Logic Plus, with the addition of the Ideal System Filter. This Filter is designed to optimise your boiler’s operation by removing impurities from the water passing through it.

Should you not have the need for the power output of the Logic Max 35, then this model is also available in two smaller outputs, 24kW and 30kW.

Ideal Vogue Max 32 System

The Ideal Vogue Max 32 System boiler is built using premium components to ensure long-lasting reliability. Its large colour display allows you to easily check your boiler’s water pressure, making for an all-around user-friendly experience. They are clearly confident in this premium boiler model as they offer a 12 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee when fitted by a Max Accredited Installer.

Ideal Mexico 30 Regular Gas

The Mexico 30 is a regular gas boiler designed for floor-standing installation. As this is a regular boiler, you will need to ensure you have the additional space for separate water tanks. With a power output of 30kW, this boiler is well suited to larger homes with around 20 radiators. However, there are smaller outputs available, ranging from 14.6 kW up to 23.4 kW, as well as a higher output of 37 kW for larger properties.

Worcester Bosch Boiler

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