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Zanussi Boilers

The Complete Guide to Zanussi Boilers

Founded in 1916, Zanussi are a well-renowned producer of home appliances. Their innovative approach to technology has allowed them to seamlessly transition into the boiler market, meaning the Italian company now produces some of the most efficient and reliable boiler models available.

Zanussi has two boilers in their range, the Zanussi Ultra Combi and the Zanussi Ultra System. This guide will run you through each boiler and its key features, while also informing you which type is best suited to your property size.

Zanussi Ultra Combi Gas Boiler

Available in various power outputs including 25kW and 30kW, the Zanussi Ultra Combi Gas Boiler contains the latest Honeywell gas valve. This component controls the gas flow into the boiler and then on to the burner, meaning that when you turn up the boiler controls, the valve opens, allowing more gas to come through.

Having a boiler full of water in the wintertime could prove to be costly when the weather is freezing outside, as you could find yourself with frozen pipes. Luckily, the Zanussi Ultra Combi Gas Boiler comes with built-in frost protection, which kicks in when the water within your boiler hits a temperature of 5°C.

After draining your heating system, you will need to fill your boiler with water, to ensure that it is at the recommended pressure. With a built-in filling loop, the process of adding water back to this boiler is straightforward.

This is also a fully modulating boiler, meaning that the system can adjust its own heat output. This leads to a more efficient process, as the boiler can lower its temperature, without the need to turn itself off.

The last interesting component that the Zanussi combi offers, is the fact that it has bypass valves fitted between the boiler and the radiators. They are connected between the flow and return pipes to maintain a constant minimum flow rate through the heat exchanger. This, in turn, prolongs the life of the boiler while also improving its efficiency and reliability.

The Complete Guide to Zanussi Boilers

Zanussi Ultra System Gas Boiler

The Zanussi Ultra System Gas Boiler is available in several outputs including 15kW, 18kW, 24kW and 30kW. As well as being able to fit into a standard size kitchen cupboard, its compact, lightweight size makes for an easy installation.

A boiler produces nearly two litres of condensation every hour. Although this is not necessarily dangerous, it can be slightly acidic, potentially causing a corrosive effect on metals. Therefore, it is essential that it is drained from your boiler as quickly as possible, to prevent any damage from being done. The built-in condensate trap collects and then releases all the condensation that your boiler has produced, directing it out of the house.

Like the Zanussi combi boiler, the system boiler is also fully modulating. This can allow you to make some significant savings on your fuel bills while increasing the longevity of your boiler.

How to Decide Which Zanussi Boiler is Best for Your Home

When deciding between Zanussi’s Ultra Combi and Ultra System range, your property size will generally dictate which type of boiler is best for you.

As combi boilers heat water on demand, you do not need room for a hot water tank. Therefore, these compact boilers are an excellent solution for smaller homes with one bathroom. The issue with combi boilers is that they cannot support multiple water flows at once.

On the other hand, system boilers are far more suited to larger homes with a high demand for hot water because they can store water in a separate hot water cylinder. If you quite often use more than one bathroom at the same time, then a system boiler will ensure that you still get hot water to both outlets.

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