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The Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive - It Keeps on Giving for 7 Years

Everyone loves to have something for nothing or everyone loves a reward of some sort because, from a young age, we are taught that you get rewarded for many of the decisions you make. Whether it’s getting a reward for signing up to a new bank account or having cashback for making a purchase, it all leaves us feeling pretty good about the things we do. Of course, these are all nothing more than incentives but they work and that is why you need to familiarise yourself with the Renewable Heat Incentive.

In reality, now is the time to start looking at this incentive and all that it offers because it is an excellent offer that isn’t going to stick around forever. The reality is that many of us are going to need to change our heating systems relatively soon and now could be the time to look at alternative methods of heating our homes and water.

Essentially, the government has a net zero target that it wants to meet and to get there, we all have to play our part, which includes changing our heating systems to something that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Climate change is a hot topic at the moment and if you want to help reverse the damage then it’s time to consider a new heating system such as a heat pump. This new and exciting form of heating is going to change how we heat our homes but it doesn’t stop there.

This form of heating has been recognised by the government as being extremely environmentally friendly and that means that it falls within the boundaries of the Renewable Heat Incentive. So, to help you make the switch, this incentive is giving you even more reasons to change. In doing so, you will be making a huge difference while also benefiting financially.

So, the Reward…..

So, we mentioned the incentive and being rewarded and that is what you’ll get when you choose to install a heat pump. This financial incentive from the government will give homeowners who choose to switch the chance to benefit from regular payments. What this means is that you could make the change and then receive quarterly payments for seven years for using a sustainable heating solution and generating renewable energy.

This payment is made for the amount of clean energy you produce and that could mean that you receive as much as £1,400 per year. What this means is that the incentive could mean that you are reimbursed for anything from 50-100% of the cost of the installation. To qualify, you will need to use an MCS accredited company but that is an easy part of the process. 

So, if you have heard of the incentive but not looked into it any further then now is the time to do so because it is ending in just under a year. What this means is that it’s time to do your research, consider your options and then make a change because this incentive could help you financially.

The cost of installing a heat pump has meant that many people have become reluctant to change but it doesn’t have to be that way. Sure, people have budgets but when you have an incentive such as this to help cover the costs, it would be daft to miss out. 

In reality, if you are unsure of anything or have any questions then it is worth speaking with experts. This is because they will help you to understand what is involved in the process and the costs that are involved. Once you realise the costs and see how much this incentive can help, you won’t want to miss out because a time will come where the cost will have to be covered by you and heat pump systems can prove expensive. 

Now is the time to seriously consider this option because it is a generous incentive that you can benefit from. We all need to make a change and look at how we can take care of our planet. Our current heating systems and the energy we use are causing serious damage, so now is the time to cash in and do what you need to do, especially while the Renewable Heat Incentive is in place!

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