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Time to Spring Clean Your Boiler

As the weather will continue to improve now that we have ticked over into Spring, it’s fair to say that everything is feeling more positive.

We have all heard of the term “Spring Clean” and many of us still undertake this chore as we look to get our home ready for a new season. However, have you ever thought about giving your boiler a spring clean? Your trusty boiler has been there with you through winter so now is the time to give it a once-over and ensure that it is taken care of during the warmer part of the year.

So, with these simple steps, you will be able to make sure that your boiler continues to work in the best possible condition, now that the colder months are a distant memory.

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Reduce The Temperature on your Thermostat

As the temperatures slowly begin to rise outside, you might have found that your home is feeling slightly warmer. With more sunlight coming into the home, it is going to become naturally warmer, so it makes sense to turn your thermostat down. Even a small adjustment of 1 degree will make a difference not just in the temperature but also in your bills.

Check for any Leaks or Abnormalities

While your boiler has been working hard throughout the winter, there is every chance that it might have developed a leak as this is common after the winter months. Once the weather gets warmer, the cold pipes expand and they can crack which can lead to leaks.

Therefore, have a look at any of the seals around the boiler and make sure everything is still connected tightly. You should also listen out for any noises as gurgling or bubbling sounds could indicate a problem which means that you should call a gas safe registered engineer. While the likelihood of a problem is low, the sooner you spot it and have it sorted, the less likely you are to experience big problems.

Give Your Boiler a Service

Spring is a great time to have your boiler services as you won’t rely on it so much through the summer months and it has just been through a full winter. Furthermore, a service now will ensure that you don’t head into next winter facing any potential nasty surprises.  Booking a service is quick and easy and it will ensure that your boiler remains safe.

Check the Radiators

It is not just your boiler that makes up your heating system because your radiators are an important part of the system. Therefore, you should ensure that you check all radiators and give them a clean so they are free of dust. After that, if you know how, bleed them to ensure that any air is released as this will ensure that they are operating correctly. There is also a risk of them being clogged with dirt and that would mean that they require flushing.

Book a Power Flush

Dirt and sludge can cause problems within your system and prevent your radiators from working correctly. This will mean that radiators can feel patch or cold to the touch. With a flush, it will mean that all of the sludge and dirt is removed while it could leave your boiler working more efficiently.

Think About A New Boiler

If your boiler doesn’t seem to be working correctly and has been costing in repairs then now is the perfect time to consider an upgrade. With a range of grants available, you might find that a new boiler won’t cost as much as you think it will. It’s worth speaking with an engineer to begin with as they will be able to provide their advice but a new boiler could make a big difference to your home.

Whether you have had a few issues recently that have cost money or your boiler is getting old, then spring is a great time to have your boiler changed. The weather will be better for any work, which means that you can leave your windows open to help with ventilation while your installation engineers will be able to work easily.

Your boiler is an integral part of your home and without it, you won’t be able to access hot water or heating. While you might not require heating during the warmer months, it’s imperative that you have any problems sorted now and a spring clean of your boiler can help to keep it working efficiently. Furthermore, you can also spot problems that might have cost you more money further down the line.

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