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Using A Combi Boiler Tips

Using a Combi Boiler - Top Tips

If you need hot water and heat on demand, then your combi boiler will take care of it for you. The majority of combi boilers are single units that are hung on the wall. In many instances, there are no water tanks which means that they are considered the most efficient option and they are compact, which makes them suitable for new properties and homes that have a lack of space. 

Any boiler that is installed in the UK, regardless of whether it is a combi boiler or not will now need to be condensing and that they also have a Flue Gas Heat Recovery Systems. This will capture the heat from waste gases in order to preheat cold water from the mains once it enters the boiler. What this means is that they use the heat that is generated by burning fuels more efficiently. In the UK in 2005, it was made compulsory through UK building regulations, for condensing boilers to be installed, all of which have to have an efficiency rating of 92% as this will ensure that they are even more efficient. Furthermore, they will also help to reduce Co2 emissions.

So, if you want to use your combi boiler efficiently, then we have some top tips below.

Put Your Heating on a Timer

This might sound slightly obvious but you don’t need to have your heating on all of the time. In fact, you can set your heating by using a timer or manually by using your smart device and smart system. This will mean that you can set it to come on and off as and when you need it. Furthermore, combi boilers also offer hot water on demand which means you don’t need to worry about having the heating on.

Don’t Leave Your Heating On Unnecessarily

This follows on from the above point but you shouldn’t leave your heating on when you are not at home. Therefore, it can be worth looking at putting a routine schedule in place or investing in a smart thermostat that will give you greater control over how you use your system. They will be able to pick up on your usage habits and set your boiler to work around your needs, meaning that you won’t waste money on energy and bills. 

Install a Smart Thermostat

If you don’t have a smart thermostat then you might want to consider having one installed. They will enable you to control your heating system using a smart device remotely. This means you can control individual rooms, use geo-fencing which tracks when you leave home or work, enabling it to turn your heating on and off based on your location. They are easy to install and even easier to use but they can help you to set a routine which will mean that you can save money on your bills and reduce the amount of energy you use.

Set the Right Temperature

It’s really important to make sure that you are not needlessly overheating your home. This means that by dropping the temperature by just 1 degree you can save a significant amount of money throughout the year. You won’t notice a drop of 1 degree but it has been found to make a big difference to Co2 and your bills. Therefore, you should look to set the temperature of your home to around 18 and 21 degrees.

Check Your Boiler Controls

Combi boilers will sometimes have specific controls that allow you to control the temperature of the water that flows through and then circulates around the central heating system. The average temperature that has been found to work best is around 75 degrees for your central heating and 60 degrees for domestic hot water.

Arrange a Service

It’s really important to make sure that your boiler is working correctly and safely and that’s the reason for having an annual service. This will keep it running correctly while also helping to avoid big problems that cost a lot of money to put right.


It’s all well and good having a top heating system and doing all you can to save money and reduce Co2. However, if you have drafts or insufficient insulation then you will find that most of your heat is lost. You can use tape to block updrafts, use draft excluders and even have your loft insulated. You could also opt to have cavity wall insulation if you need it too, all of which will help to keep your home warmer for longer.

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