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Types Of Electric Boiler

What are the different types of electric boilers?

Like boilers that are fuelled by gas, there are different types of electric boilers available on the market. Similarly, to gas, combi boilers are emerging as one of the more popular options to electric heating systems. As this boiler can produce hot water on demand, it doesn’t require a hot water cylinder, making it ideal for smaller properties.  

To meet a higher water demand, you could make use of a storage electric boiler. As it comes with the addition of a hot water tank, this type of electric boiler is more expensive than a combi boiler. Similarly, to this, there are dry core storage electric boilers available. These work by, heating bricks overnight. This heat is then released into water, so it can be used to provide heating and hot water.  

If you’re interested by renewable energy sources, then you can opt for a solar compatible electric boiler. With solar panels on your roof, you can heat water for free during the day, and then save some for later, if you’ve got a storage tank.  

What are the advantages of electric boilers?

A portion of homes in the UK don’t have access to the grid. If you’re in this situation, then you’ve got several potential options. Of course, oil boilers are a popular choice. However, if you don’t have the necessary space for an oil tank, this might not be as practical as first thought. Outside of relying solely on a renewable energy system, an electric boiler could be a viable alternative. Moreover, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of benefits to having an electric boiler.  

Although, electricity is more expensive than gas, electric boilers are extremely efficient because they don’t waste energy, by burning energy to produce heat. They can also be paired with a renewable energy system, like solar panels. Not only will this lead to reduced energy bills, but it will also lower your home’s carbon footprint. You can also invest in a solar battery, which will allow you to store any excess energy that your solar panels generate.   

As electric boilers don’t need to release waste gases, you’ve got more flexibility in deciding where you place it. Because of the way they operate, they tend to be more compact in size and reasonably cheap to install.  

What are the disadvantages of electric boilers?

The main concern when it comes to owning an electric boiler is the high running costs. They are also restricted by how much hot water they can produce at once. Therefore, if you often need hot water at multiple different taps simultaneously, then you might experience pressure and temperature issues. For this reason, electric boilers aren’t recommended for larger homes.  

If you ever experience a power cut, an electric boiler wouldn’t be able to provide you with any heating or hot water. However, it’s important to remember that a lot of gas and oil boilers have electrical components, that wouldn’t work in the same scenario.  

As a new boiler is a hefty investment, it’s probably wise to gather the opinion of an electrician, to see if an electric boiler is suitable to your circumstances.  

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