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Air Source Heat Pump Cost

What does an air source heat pump cost?

So, what does an air source heat pump cost? Heat pumps are certainly gaining popularity with more than 220,000 fitted last year in the UK, a 20% increase.  

What’s more, in an independent survey of over 2,500 heat pump owners by NESTA, 81% said they were as satisfied or more satisfied with their heat pump compared to their previous heating system.  

Championed as a sustainable solution in the battle against climate change, these pumps offer a compelling alternative to traditional heating systems. Their appeal lies in their ability to harness ambient air temperature even during winter and converting it into heat with remarkable efficiency. With no oil or gas needed, air source heat pumps give owners the opportunity to be more energy independent. 

Combined with government incentives and a growing understanding of their long-term benefits, air source heat pumps are swiftly becoming a cornerstone of Britain’s green energy revolution. 

Interested? Well first you need to know how much an air source heat pump costs, but before we dive into that, fill in our grant checker form to see if you could be eligible to have a heat pump fitted absolutely free! 

See if you're eligible for free air source heat pump
See if you're eligible for free air source heat pump

How much does an air source heat pump cost?

The good news is there’s help at hand! The UK government’s boiler upgrade scheme offers a generous £7,500 grant to help cover the cost of installing a heat pump. This is important as it now makes the cost of installing an air source heat pump in an average 3-bedroom home comparable to the same gas combi boiler. 

The grant is available to everyone so give us a call and we can help you apply. 

The cost of the air source heat pump itself can vary in cost depending on things like size, and installation requirements. Just like a boiler, you need a bigger heat pump for a bigger home and a smaller one for a smaller home.  

In the UK in 2024, the average cost of an air source heat pump installation ranges from £6,000 to £10,000. 

Compared to usual heating methods like gas or oil, air source heat pumps can be a cheaper and certainly a greener choice in the long run.  

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These costs are general estimates and won’t match the exact amount you’ll end up paying. Every heat pump installation is priced based on the specific details of each case. 

What affects the price of my heat pump? 

The price of a heat pump can be influenced by several key factors. Understanding these can help you better estimate the cost of installing a heat pump in your home. Here are the main elements that affect the price: 

Type and Size of the Heat Pump 

 The type and size or capacity of the heat pump you need play a big role in determining the price you’ll pay. Larger homes requiring more heating will need larger, more powerful units, which are more expensive. 

Installation Complexity 

The complexity of installing your heat pump can also affect costs. This includes the layout of your property, the need for new ductwork, the condition of existing heating systems, and whether your home needs additional insulation or other preparatory work such as larger radiators. Labour fees usually account for £2,000 – £6,000 of the total cost 

Brand and Technology 

Prices vary between different manufacturers and models. Higher-end models with advanced features such as higher efficiency ratings, inverter technology, and smart controls tend to cost more. 

Efficiency Rating 

Heat pumps with higher efficiency ratings (measured by the Coefficient of Performance or COP, and Seasonal Performance Factor or SPF) might have a higher upfront cost but can lead to greater savings on heating bills over time. 

Additional Equipment and Services 

Depending on your current system, you might need additional equipment such as hot water tanks or upgraded radiators. You don’t need to worry about planning permission as air source heat pumps are usually allowed under permitted development rules. 

How much does an air source heat pump cost to run? 

The running costs of an air source heat pump in the UK can also vary depending on factors like the size of your home and energy consumption. On average, the annual running costs range from £685 to £1,550 for different household sizes. 

For example, a 1-bedroom household may cost around £685 per year, while a 4+ bedroom household could cost up to £1,550 annually.  

It’s important to note that air source heat pumps are considered a cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating solution compared to traditional systems like gas boilers and so long as your home is adequately insulated, an air source heat pump should cost you less to run than traditional heating systems. 

Heat pump service costs 

The cost of servicing an air source heat pump ranges from £125 to £150, similar to a standard boiler service. 

The Heating & Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) recommends having heat pumps serviced annually to ensure optimal performance and maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Regular servicing by a qualified technician is crucial for keeping the heat pump functioning correctly and efficiently, ensuring it operates at its best performance and prolongs its lifespan. 

Can heat pumps save me money? 

Installing a heat pump can indeed save you money on your energy bills, especially if you are replacing an older, less efficient gas boiler. According to the Energy Saving Trust, replacing an older G-rated gas boiler with a well-designed heat pump could save you around £295 per year on your energy bills under current energy prices.  

Additionally, topping up your home’s insulation before installing a heat pump can further reduce its running costs. If you already have solar panels, you can save more by using the free energy they generate to power your heat pump! Win win! 

Is a heat pump right for me? 

Choosing a heat pump comes down to a few important considerations about your living space and how you heat it. Air source heat pumps stand out for reducing energy costs and minimising your carbon footprint. 

They shine in homes that are properly insulated, efficiently transferring heat without the need to generate it from the ground up. If you’re dealing with a draughty house, beefing up insulation should be your first move to ensure you can fully benefit from a heat pump’s efficiency. 

Always speak to a Qualified air source heat pump installer 

It is vital that the company you choose to survey your property and install your heat pump are suitably qualified. Air source heat pumps work differently from gas boilers, that’s why they’re so efficient but they do need your property to have adequate insulation. A qualified technician can advise you on this and whether the radiators you have in your home are up to the task. Heat pumps need slightly larger radiators to perform at their best so getting professional advice on this is the first thing you do. 

Luckily there are accreditations for you to look out for, always go with an installer who is accredited with MCS (MICROGENERATION CERTIFICATION SCHEME) 

MCS is a mark of quality. Membership of MCS demonstrates adherence to recognised industry standards, highlighting quality, competency and compliance. 

Apply for boiler upgrade scheme through Warma UK 

Warma UK is here to help you grab those grants for free heating and insulation and also solar power. 

To get started, just fill out a quick form to see if you’re eligible. If you are, we’ll set you up with a free survey to figure out how to get you the best available grant and which energy-saving options are best for your place. 

See if you're eligible for free air source heat pump
See if you're eligible for free air source heat pump
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