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What is a Smart Boiler?

A boiler becomes a smart boiler when it is paired with a smart thermostat. The newly found partnership between your smart boiler and thermostat will give you more control over your property’s central heating and hot water. This modern technology will allow you to heat your home in a productive way, meaning your boiler will only use energy to coincide with your routine. This process will conserve energy, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills.

How do I make my boiler smart?

To make your boiler smart, you will need to buy and install a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat will connect your boiler to the internet, allowing you to control your energy settings remotely. Generally, you can do this through the means of an app, from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Smart thermostats are compatible with most types of boilers, although not every boiler model will work with one. Therefore, the way forward is to check with the manufacturer before buying. If you do not feel confident installing the smart thermostat yourself, then you can also contact a qualified engineer to ensure a stress-free process.

How does a smart thermostat connect to a boiler?

To connect a smart thermostat to your boiler, there are three key components to deal with. Firstly, the hub can be plugged into your broadband router, although it can always be connected wirelessly if needed. The receiver is then hooked up to the boiler, connecting it to the internet. Finally, you will have access to the smart control system, which is the interface that allows you to control your heating.

Of course, the setup process will differ from brand to brand, yet each smart thermostat will come with a detailed list of instructions.

The advantages of smart boilers

Smart boilers allow you to control your property’s heating and hot water remotely. With the ability to set specific heating zones in your house at certain times, smart boilers are ideal for those that struggle to keep track of their energy usage. This optimisation will help to cut your energy usage, allowing you to become more eco-friendly and save money on your heating bills.

The disadvantages of smart boilers

Although smart boilers are undoubtedly the future of heating systems, there are disadvantages that might deter some homeowners from upgrading. Smart thermostats are not compatible with every boiler, therefore it is advisable to explore the options with your manufacturer, before purchasing any upgrades. Like any piece of technology, smart boilers come at a cost. While a smart boiler can help you save money, if you are already careful with your energy usage, the savings will be small. There is also the consideration that the extra features and subscriptions of a smart boiler can be expensive.

Is a smart boiler right for me?

If you have ever experienced the inconvenience of coming home to a freezing cold house in the wintertime, then a smart boiler might be right for you. Smart thermostats can operate with a useful feature, known as geofencing. This is ideal for people who tend to have a daily routine, as the thermostat automatically sets your home’s temperature by tracking your movements, through an app. Not only does this technology take away all the effort of manually adjusting the temperature, but it also leads to a more efficient process, potentially helping you to reduce the cost of your energy bills.

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