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Oil Central Heating System

What is an oil central heating system?

Oil is typically used to fuel wet heating systems. In this scenario, an oil boiler heats water, providing heating through radiators, as well as hot water through taps and the shower.   

Heating oil differs from mains gas, as a home’s supply of oil is delivered by truck and stored in a tank. There are heat-only and combination condensing boilers available on the market. Unlike gas combi boilers, which heat water instantaneously, oil fuelled combi boilers have internal storage that allows them to supply hot water. 

What is the annual cost of heating oil?

For the average UK household using oil to provide heating and hot wateryou’ll likely have to pay around £830 a yearAlthough, this is just a rough figure, there are several factors that will impact your specific energy billsThese include the age and size of your home, the type of insulation you have installed and the efficiency of your hot water and heating system 

What are the benefits of oil central heating?

If you live in an isolated area and aren’t connected to the grid, oil heating can prove to be a viable alternative to gas, especially, as it can be delivered anywhere. Contrary to popular belief, heating oil is a safe fuel, and isn’t explosive.  

Modern heating systems that are fuelled by oil, boast a good level of efficiency. As they don’t waste much energy when they provide heating for homes, oil tends to come at a reasonable price. The cost of oil is generally flexible as well, meaning that you can stock up when the price is low. Due to the way both fuels are delivered to your home, this is something you can do with oil, but not gas.  

What are the disadvantages of oil central heating?

However, there is a downside to the fluctuation of oil costs. The price of oil will likely go up, if there’s more demand for it. This is usually impacted by a variety of things including bad weather and a range of political issues. 

As oil is delivered by road, there’s always the faint possibility that you could run out before you receive your next supply, especially in bad weather conditions. There is technology available that automatically updates your supplier, when you’re running low on oil.  

The installation of an oil central heating system will not only set you back financially, it doesn’t provide your home and garden with a very aesthetic look. Although, to counter this, you can opt for an underground tank.  

As most condensing oil boilers are floor-mounted, it can often be difficult to find a wall-mounted model. They’ll also need to be fitted in a certain way, to allow the condensate liquid to drain away.  

Lastly, oil is a fossil fuel and therefore, releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere when it’s burned. Because of this, it can’t be considered a clean source of energy. In the coming decades, the government are intent on phasing out heating systems that run on fossil fuels, in favour of renewable energy systems. 

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