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Best Gas Boilers

Which Is The Best Gas Boiler?

When looking to buy a new gas boiler, it is important to remember there are three different types. These are regular, system and combi boilers. This guide will take you through the best gas boilers manufacturers have to offer, helping you to find the perfect fit for your home.    

Gas Regular Boilers

A gas regular boiler, also known as a heat only or conventional boiler, is considered to be the traditional heating system found in UK homes. A regular gas boiler provides heating directly to the radiators and has a hot water cylinderBelow are several of the leading gas regular boilers on the market. 

Greenstar Ri from Worcester-Bosch

The Greenstar Ri boiler from Worcester-Bosch is a compact, wall mounted boiler that is well-suited to medium and large homes.  

This larger version of the Greenstar Ri boiler is available with 27 and 30kW outputs. Although, it is still compact and small enough to fit into a kitchen cupboard.  

This boiler operates with a straightforward function, with the use of a simple control knob. The Greenstar Ri can be controlled by Bosch EasyControl, a smart connected thermostat which makes it easy to control your heating and hot water whilst saving energy. When the Greenstar Ri is installed by a Worcester Accredited Installer, the boiler comes with a 10-year guarantee.  

Eco-Fit Pure from Vaillant

The Eco-Fit Pure boiler from Valliant is a compact, cupboard fitting unit. Its top and rear flue options, allows for this type of boiler to be installed in a variety of properties.  

The Eco-fit pure comes in six different outputs, ranging from 12-35kW. This boiler has a high specification aluminium heat exchanger, making it easy to maintain. It will also lend itself to a higher level of energy efficiency, reducing your property’s carbon footprint.  

Once again, this type of boiler can be controlled remotely. Its compatibility with Vaillant’s intelligent range of controls, means this boiler’s settings can be adjusted through the internet, helping you to reduce your energy bills.  

Gas System Boilers

A gas system boiler is the modern version of regular boiler, as it operates with a hot water cylinder. Although, unlike a regular boiler, a gas system boiler is not open vented, meaning all the components are integrated into the unit. This guide has included two of the best gas system boilers currently produced by UK manufacturers.     

Greenstar i System from Worcester-Bosch

The Greenstar i System is Worcester-Bosch’s most popular gas system boiler, best suited for small to medium homes. This type of boiler is available in five different outputs, ranging from 9-24kW. It has simple boiler controls, allowing you to personally choose your home’s heating settings. The Greenstar i comes with a low energy pump, reducing the system’s electric usage. This unit can be paired with Greenskies solar panels, making it one of the best energy efficient system boilers.    

Vitoden 200-W from Viessmann

The Vitoden 200-W from Viessmann is a powerful gas system for larger homes. With an A class energy efficiency rating, up to 98% of the fuel used is converted to heat.  

The integrated WiFi interface connects the gas condensing boiler to the internet on request. With the ViCare app, never has controlling your heating been so simple. In the case of a problem, the installer is alerted through the app, helping you to get your heating back up and running in no time.


Gas Combi Boilers

A combi boiler is a single unit that generates all the heating and hot water for the home. This process takes place without the need for hot water tanks, as instantaneous hot water is sourced through an integral heat exchanger directly from the cold mains. This guide has included two of the more popular gas combi boilers.  


Greenstar 8000 Combi from Worcester Bosch

The Greenstar 8000 is a design-led combi boiler, which is available in five different outputs, ranging from 30 to 50kW. It has a clear display screen making it easy to get the system working for youIts wireless connectivity means that with the Bosch EasyControl you can control your heating and hot water on the go  


Vitodens 050-W from Viessmann

The Vitodens 050-W is low cost combi boiler. The unit is just 702mm in height, making it one of the smallest wall mounted boilers in its class. Its small size means it is best suited to smaller homes with up to three bedrooms. The 050-W is available in two power outputs, 29 and 35kW. It’s quiet operation, makes it’s perfect for fitting in the living areas of the home, while its components are accessible from the front, for ease of servicing and maintenance.   


Worcester Bosch Boiler

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