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As the months roll by and the weather begins to improve, you probably rarely think about your boiler. The fact that you become less reliant on your central heating system during this period, makes it the best time to have your boiler serviced.

How often is it best to service a boiler?

It is essential to have your boiler serviced every year, even if you have not noticed any problems. This should be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer, with the main objective to ensure your boiler continues to operate safely and efficiently.

There may also be the case that an annual boiler service is a condition of your boiler’s warranty. Therefore, to make sure your boiler stays in warranty, you need to make sure you have a yearly service booked in for the added protection.

Why it is better to choose a summer boiler service

Now that you are aware of the necessity to get an annual boiler service, this guide will run you through the four key reasons why it is beneficial to have this done during the summertime.



During the summer months, homeowners do not require the same level of heating as in the winter. This means boilers are not used as much, leading to fewer breakdowns.

When it comes to autumn time, many people switch on their heating for the first time in a while. This leaves heating engineers having to prioritise emergency boiler repairs, meaning you might have to get your boiler serviced at a time that is inconvenient to you. Therefore, it is sensible to arrange your boiler service for the summer, as heating engineers are more likely to be available during this quieter period.


It is also possible to save money by having your boiler serviced in the summer. This is down to the fact that many companies give discounts, to provide the heating engineers with a steady workstream during the quieter, summer months. Although, the exact cost of your boiler service will depend on whether you are using an individual heating engineer or a large firm.


Another reason to have your boiler serviced during the summer, is that the necessary checks are undertaken when your boiler is not being used for central heating. This means that any problems with your boiler’s efficiency can be solved before the drop in temperature. This guarantees you a more efficient boiler during the winter months, giving you the opportunity to potentially save on your energy bills.


Early Fault Detection

In the summer, you might find it too hot to use your central heating. This inactivity could lead to your pipes corroding or important parts of your boiler malfunctioning. To stop this from happening, you need to run your boiler occasionally. That’s why, this is the perfect time for a boiler service because, not only does it get the boiler up and running, but it also makes sure that all the internal components are working properly.

Through these checks, you will be able to identify any slight issues that could lead to a breakdown when the boiler is being used at its full capacity during the winter. It is far easier to have your boiler repaired, or even replaced, when it is warmer than in winter, when you may have to make use of expensive heating methods or temporarily move out of your home.


Worcester Bosch Boiler

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