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Will Gas Boilers Be No More in 10 Years Time?

Last year saw the 10th anniversary of Gas Safety week but is this likely to be celebrated again in ten years time? For many years, gas boilers have been heating our homes and keeping us comfortable but now, advancements and government targets are changing all of this. As gas boilers burn fossil fuels and pollute the atmosphere, the government is looking to make our country greener by becoming net-zero carbon emissions and that could mean that the gas boiler will soon be a thing of the past. 

Alternative Heating Solutions

With plenty of options available, there is something out there that can replace your current system and meet your needs but over the next ten years, it is likely that heat pumps are going to become popular. However, what does this mean and why will it bring an end to the trusty gas boiler?

You’ll Save Money

Most people are keen to save money and heat pump technology will make that possible. When you compare a ground source heat pump with gas, electric, LPG or oil, you could save as much as 75% and an air source heat pump could help you achieve savings of as much as 60%

The Green Homes Grant

The Green Homes Grant has been put in place by the government, enabling people to apply, given them the potential to claim grants of up to £5,000 or even £10,000 for low-income homes. This means that the cost of making these changes will be covered. The vouchers can be used against a range of measures too and this includes insulation too. However, the government also includes the installation of ground source heat pumps as part of the scheme. 

This will mean that you will be able to consider ground source heat pumps as a replacement for your gas boiler when the time comes. With the cost covered and huge saving to be had, it makes sense to consider this option. 

The Renewable Heat Incentive

This incentive was released in 2014 and it has been a success so far as it has encouraged many people to make the switch to new renewable heating technologies. You will be paid each quarter over a period of 7 years for the amount of energy your system produces. This can also be used alongside the Gree Homes Grant and that means that you can benefit from even more help should you decide to make the switch.

Carbon Savings

If you choose to change your heating system to one that is more efficient and sustainable, you will have an impact on your carbon footprint and reduce the amount that your home produces by as much as 50%. This will help the environment and will have an impact on our drive to reduce climate change. While there are many options out there, heat pumps are an established technology across the UK and it will help to reduce your emissions by as much as 1 tonner per year when compared with gas and 3-4 tonnes when compared with oil. 

From 2025, the Ban on Gas Boilers Comes In

From 2025, the Government will be bringing in a ban on the installation of gas boilers on new build properties as it wraps up its drive to meet its target of net-zero emissions by 2050. However, it is likely that after 2025, older properties will need to have more efficient systems installed although there is no further information on this yet.


Gas boilers can be dangerous if they are not maintained correctly or are not maintained by Gas Safe Registered engineers. They should be serviced annually to ensure they work efficiently and to ensure that they are still safe.

Heat pumps are designed to be operated using electricity and heat that is stored in the air and ground. This means that there is no combustion which makes them safer, more energy-efficient and they are much better for the environment.

Combine Heat Pumps and Other Technologies

It is possible to combine heat pumps with other technologies to make your home even more energy efficient. This can include the likes of using solar panels to generate electricity that can be used to run your heat pump. This means that you will be able to generate your own electricity that will give you hot water and heating. 

So, things are changing and gas boilers will become a thing of the past, so it is time to think about what your options are.

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