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Your Boiler Replacement Guide

Your Boiler Replacement Walkthrough

If you are thinking about replacing your boiler then you might be wondering what options are available to you. Fortunately, you have many different options and that makes it possible to make the right decision based on your specific needs. So, our boiler guide is designed to help you understand what options are available to you.

Conventional Boiler

This kind of boiler comes with a water tank where the hot water is stored. This means that gallons of water can be stored that is then used when you need hot water. It also means that the hot water pressure will not reduce, regardless of how many taps you are using. A conventional boiler will use a cold water feed and that commonly comes from tanks within the loft in order to provide heat. Some of the heat generated is used to heat a separate hot water tank that is often located in an airing cupboard or another location in the home. This hot water is then stored for when it is needed. However, once the water runs out, you will need to wait for it to heat up again. 

Combination Boiler

This provides instant access to both hot water and heat as and when you need it. In the majority of circumstances, you won’t have a water tank and this means that they are great for efficiency while also saving space, making them a popular choice for many homes. There are many boiler manufacturers out there that offer a range of combi boilers, ensuring you can find the right one for your specific needs.

System Boiler

These are also known as sealed systems and they will deliver heat to your central heating system that will then heat up a tank of hot water much like a conventional boiler. However, where they differ is in the major components used in the provision of heating and hot water as they are built into the boiler which enhances efficiency. The hot water is pumped around to all radiators as well as the hot water tank direct from the system boiler. This makes it economical to run and makes the cold water tank unnecessary. However, you will still need  a hot water cylinder and once you have used up the hot water, you will need to wait until more is heated up.

Condensing Boiler

The final option here is a condensing boiler and since 2003, a large percentage of new boilers have been condensing. These are considered to be the most efficient as they make sure that all of the heat produced is used and so, none of the hot gases it produces are released. The boiler will hold these gases and then condense them to extract the heat that is then used within your heating systems and this means that you use less gas.

To function, they use a condensate pump as well as a drainage pipe which is not allowed to freeze so it will need to be adequately insulated. This kind of boiler is efficient and cost-effective while the chance of carbon monoxide problems are reduced. Furthermore, they are also considered more reliable due to the way in which they are constructed which means that they are not prone to rust and this can help them to last and perform longer. 

Boiler Installation Costs

The reality is that many people think that the cost of a new boiler is high but that is not the case. A new boiler can be supplied and fitted from £1,560 and this will also come with a long guarantee that will provide complete peace of mind. However, it is also possible to access a range of grants that might be available based on your circumstances. 

The cost will be determined by the boiler you choose and the installation process as well as the size of your property. Furthermore, the amount of work required will also have an impact on the cost but on the whole, replacing a boiler is not as pricey as you might think. 

If you are looking for a new boiler and want to see if you are eligible for a grant then we are here to help you. These grants can help you to access some of the best boilers on the market and will ensure your home becomes more efficient while helping you to save money on your bills.

Michael Cornish

Michael Cornish