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Central Heating grants for households on Income Support

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How do people on income support qualify for a central heating grant?

The central heating grants now available via the ECO scheme can be claimed by private tenants, landlords and homeowners, but someone who is living on the property must be receiving a qualifying benefit.

Income support is one of the qualifying benefits that makes a householder eligible for support from the central heating scheme, so if a person is getting this support at your property, you’ll be entitled to a free ECO grant.

Income Support is designed to help people cover living costs when they’re on a low income. People can only start a new claim to receive Income Support if they’re receiving or have recently stopped receiving a Severe Disability Premium (SDP) benefit. However, people who haven’t been in receipt of an SDP may still be able to apply for Universal Credit instead.

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How do the central heating grants work for those on income support?

Government-backed central heating grants are available now to help with the expense of a boiler replacement or an entirely new heating system where no system is installed. The heating grants are provided through a scheme called the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO). Householders who are in receipt of the Income Support benefit will discover that the new grants will cover the cost of any work completed and that they will not be required to make a repayment.

In line with the ECO scheme, the “big six” UK energy suppliers including British Gas and Npower will pay for the costs of work required to assist with the issue of fuel poverty. The “Affordable Warmth” part of the scheme has been developed to make sure low-income households have effective heating systems and pay lower utility bills.

If a homeowner is receiving Income Support, they can fill in an online application and a free no-obligation survey will be carried out on their heating systems. After an assessment, an approved installer will then fit the new heating system and the householder can reclaim the complete costs for all work from the ECO scheme.

What kind of heating systems can qualify for the ECO grants?

If a central heating system has an inefficient boiler that is 5 years old and upwards, the system should qualify for a free grant that will see it replaced with a new energy efficient boiler. Additionally, boilers that are faulty and have parts that don’t work properly will also qualify.

Heating grants are also offered to homeowners on Income Support to install a central heating system, within homes that presently have no system installed. The ECO scheme grants will also cover electric storage replacement if current units or models are inefficient.

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What can you do if you don’t qualify for an ECO heating grant?

If you don’t meet the necessary criteria for a free heating system, you may still be eligible for Green Deal finance. If you’re accepted to receive a loan, your repayments will be collected from the savings made on your energy bills after having an energy-efficient system fitted.
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Following your successful application, we will arrange a free, no obligation survey to ensure the maximum grant is obtained and advise you on the best products to reduce your homes energy usage.