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Central Heating grants for households on Pension Guarantee Credit

Home heating grants have become available to help households cope with boiler replacements and new central heating system costs. The government-backed heating grants are now accessible through the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) scheme. Householders who are currently in receipt of Pension Guarantee Credit can access the free grants to cover the cost of all work necessary and that they will not have to pay it back.

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Grants available for all new boilers

Under the ECO scheme, major energy suppliers here in the United Kingdom like Npower and British Gas are instead paying all the costs for the work required as part of a plan to tackle UK fuel poverty. The central heating grants are being offered through the ECO scheme’s “Affordable Warmth” platform and are designed to provide low-income households across the country with more energy-efficient heating systems that will result in them facing lower fuel bills.

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How can homeowners receiving Pension Guarantee Credit qualify for an ECO heating grant?

The free central heating grants now made available through the ECO scheme can be accessed by homeowners as well as private tenants and landlords, as long as someone living at the property is in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits that ECO has listed that meet its criteria.

Pension Guarantee Credit is listed as a benefit that qualifies to receive help, so if an individual is currently receiving this support at an address, the property will be entitled to have its heating system updated through an ECO grant.

Pension Guarantee Credit is designed to effectively top up the weekly income of people who are on a low income. In order to be eligible for Pension Guarantee Credit, the person claiming must be of state pension age.

How do the free central heating grants work for those receiving Pension Guarantee Credit?

If a householder is getting Pension Guarantee Credit, they can complete an application online and book a no-obligation survey of their central heating system. Following assessment, an ECO approved installer will visit and install the new heating system. When the installation is complete, they can then reclaim the total expenses for any work carried out via the ECO scheme.

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What type of boiler can qualify for a free ECO central heating grant?

If a home heating system has an inefficient or broken boiler that is older than 5 years of age, it is likely to qualify for an ECO grant. Boilers that are 5 years old will typically have an energy efficiency rating of between C and G and will be replaced with an A-rated boiler that offers superior fuel economy allowing homeowners to make substantial savings on energy bills.

Signs of a faulty boiler that will allow it to qualify include, a pilot light that won’t remain lit, water leaking, excessive noise in operation and being unable to supply sufficient heat and hot water to a property.

The heating grants are also accessible by homeowners in receipt of a Pension Guarantee Credit benefit to fit a brand-new central heating system, in homes that have no heating system installed currently.

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