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Central Heating grants for households on War Pensions Mobility Supplement

Are you receiving the War Pensions Mobility Supplement? You may be entitled to a government grant to fund a new central heating system.

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Grants available for all new boilers

If you think you’re spending too much on your energy bills, you’re not alone. Many people in the UK are paying too much money to their gas and electricity providers, due to inefficient and outdated central heating systems or poor insulation.

The catch-22 is that many of these people cannot afford to make essential upgrades to their homes, as new central heating systems can cost thousands of pounds. They are therefore caught in a vicious cycle of overpaying on heating bills, spending money each month that could be going elsewhere.

That’s why the government introduced the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme; to tackle fuel poverty and help reduce unnecessary carbon emissions. Under the scheme, you can get a grant to help you upgrade your home.

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What is the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme?

Under the ECO scheme, the main energy suppliers in the UK are obliged to promote measures that will reduce energy usage within low-income households. This includes giving advice on energy-saving actions, replacement of outdated heating systems and insulation improvements.

I'm on War Pensions Mobility Supplement; how can I receive the grant?

If you have a War Disablement Pension, the chances are you may also be claiming War Pensions Mobility Supplement. This is an extra payment that is made to you if you require extra help with your mobility costs caused by a war-related disability.

Those that receive War Pensions Mobility Supplement will be eligible for heating improvements through the ECO scheme if they own their own home, or they have permission from their council or private landlord to make alterations.

How do I apply for a heating system grant through the ECO scheme?

If you think your heating system is inefficient or out of date, you can apply for an ECO grant in minutes. First, find out who your energy supplier is. Second, you’ll need to contact them to find out what help they offer. Some of the largest providers have simple forms you can fill out directly from their websites.

If your provider isn’t one of the obligated suppliers, you are still entitled to improvements under the ECO scheme if you are in receipt of the War Pensions Mobility Supplement. Contact your supplier to find out what you need to do.

Fuel poverty in the UK is a huge problem, but there are various measures in place to tackle it. If you think your home heating system is using up more energy than it should, you may be entitled to help. If you’re receiving War Pensions Mobility Supplement and are struggling to pay your bills, get in touch with your energy supplier right away. The application process is simple and takes just minutes. After that, a surveyor will assess your property and take it from there, potentially saving you thousands of pounds in upgrades and energy usage.

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What type of boiler can qualify for a free ECO central heating grant?

As well as the applicant, the boiler that requires replacing must qualify as well, for a home to receive a free central heating grant via the ECO scheme.

In order to answer the established criteria, the boiler that needs replacing must be operating with an efficiency level no greater than 86 percent of its top capacity. Boilers that are operating with this standard of efficiency are typically rated from C to G, with the most efficient boiler carrying an A rating. Boilers that are around five years old or more are commonly found in this category and will meet the set criteria.

If boilers are confirmed to be damaged beyond viable repair expenses, they are also eligible for a grant as well as those with faults in functionality. Common faults in older models of boiler that could see them qualify include constantly requiring repressurising, pilot lights that won’t stay lit, models that leak water and produce considerable noise or those that are not able to provide basic central heating and hot water.

Even if a boiler has none of these issues, if it is C rated or lower for efficiency or is five years or older, it should be eligible to be replaced for free.

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