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Electric Storage Heater Grants

Here in the UK, the government is offering electric storage heater grants to encourage householders to switch to low carbon and more energy-efficient solutions.


The Energy Company Obligation or ECO policy puts the onus on energy companies to work with installers to provide low income and fuel poor households with more efficient heating.

 If you have old inefficient electric heating and want to replace it with a more energy-efficient storage heaters and if you meet the current government criteria, obligated installers may be able to install one for free under the grant scheme. These grants are designed to benefit those on low income who have an existing, inefficient electric heating. The grants are awarded directly to obligated installers, companies that have committed to delivering the government’s ECO policy. The amount that you can get for an electric storage heater grant will depend on a wide range of different factors. Assuming you are eligible, this could include the size and type of property you live in, whether you have solid walls or cavity walls, and how well insulated your home is. Typically, the bigger energy savings you can achieve with a new installation, the higher the grant you are likely to get.

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How an Electric Storage Heater works and how is it installed?

A storage heater, also known as a night storage heater, is a type of electric heater that usually makes the most of off-peak electricity. Like other electric heaters, storage heaters contain a heating element. These are usually ceramic or clay bricks because they can hold a lot of heat. During the night, the storage heater uses off-peak electricity (could be Economy 7) to heat up and store the heat in the bricks. This is then released during the day to heat your home. It spreads the heat around the room using what's known as convection currents. As the hot air from the heater rises, it pulls in cooler air. In turn, this gets warmed up by the heater. And the cycle goes on, evenly spreading heat around the room. Modern storage heaters are a 100% efficient, zero-emissions alternative to central heating. Storage heaters have to be fitted to special off peak circuits within a home and not plugged in to the nomal ac 3 pin power plug socket. It's very important the heater is fixed securely to a wall and the feet are mounted on a level, firm surface. For safety and peace of mind storage heaters should only be wired and installed by a qualified electrician or installer in accordance with IEE wiring regulations.

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How expensive is an Electric Storage Heater?

The average electric storage heating costs vary, but typically they sit between £150 and £200 for a basic model. This is what makes an electric storage heater grant so beneficial. High-end heaters will skew higher, but these energy-efficient models do save on running costs. To get your new night storage heating installed with existing wiring by a certified heating engineer, we recommend budgeting at least £70. If the installation requires new wiring, adjust that budget to at least £100. Since they work by radiating the heat stored in the night throughout the day, you won’t have to use expensive day-time tariffs to heat your home. This helps to keep the running costs to a minimum, making storage heaters a great investment in the long-term. Assuming that you only use it on a lower rate tariff, a 2kw storage heater has an average running cost of 13p per hour.

Is it safe to have an Electric Storage Heater?

Whether it’s for safety reasons or energy-efficiency, we are constantly being told not to leave electric devices on overnight and you may
think the same can be said for electric radiators. Well, the truth is, as long as your electric radiators are fixed to the wall with no
obstructions, you can in fact leave them on throughout the night. Just make sure that they are not covered by any curtains and that clothing
isn’t left on them to dry as this can obscure the thermostat and cause your electric radiator to overheat.
When used correctly, electric radiators are completely safe and have been designed as direct replacements for central heating. One of the
best features of our electric radiators is their precision thermostats that will stop them from drawing power once they have reached the
desired temperature, so technically, they will still provide that necessary warmth without actually being on all night. This means that you
can go to bed and wake up with the same comfort level every day of the week with the knowledge that you are safe to do so.

Government Grants for Electric Storage Heaters

The storage heater replacement grant is a part of the government’s ECO scheme (Energy Company Obligation) which is a UK government energy efficiency scheme to help reduce fuel poverty and carbon emissions. The “Affordable Warmth Scheme” was introduced by the government in January 2013 in a bid to provide homeowners with more efficient, environmentally friendly boilers and heating equipment. Eligibility for the scheme is based on a range of criteria. An electric storage heater grant makes the purchase a lot more affordable for most based on that criteria. The value of the electric storage heater grant is up to 100% and dependant on the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) of the property and the circumstances of the household.

Electric Storage Heater Grants for Scotland

The ECO Scheme – Storage Heater Grants Scotland was introduced with two aims in mind:

  • To help low income households to cut their heating bills by offering grants to replace inefficient and faulty boilers and electric storage heaters, and to install cavity wall insulation and loft insulation.
  • To reduce carbon emissions from the UK housing stock by reducing energy usage.

The Storage Heater Grants Scotland Scheme offers grants to households who receive certain State Benefits or Tax Credits to replace faulty
electric storage heaters with modern, energy efficient, high heat retention electric storage heaters.

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