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We've helped thousands of households get free energy upgrades in the last 7 years

Free Boiler Grants

The government are making free boiler heating grants available to households across the UK. Just fill out our quick application form online to see if you qualify!

Qualify In 3 Simple Steps…

Sound too easy? We promise it really is.

Step 1 : Apply

Fill out our online application form for a free boiler grant and go through a simple evaluation to see if you qualify for any government funding. Our internal grants team will then evaluate your application.

Step 2 : Survey

Following your successful application, we will arrange a free, no obligation survey to ensure the maximum grant is obtained and advise you on the best products to reduce your energy bills.

Step 3 : Installation

The installation of your chosen products will be carried out by our experienced and local engineers at a time that suits you.

About Warma UK

Warma UK has helped thousands of customers improve their homes energy efficiency and reduce their energy bills all with the help of government funded grants. We pride ourselves on our customer service which is as efficient as the products we install! We have a network of engineers located across the UK to ensure that each install is carried out by a local and trusted engineer. This means you get the service and reliability of a national company, with the personal touch of a local trader.

What Is Included With The Boiler Grant?

Leading Brand 'A' Rated Boilers & Radiators

The central heating grant gives you access to a range of leading boiler and radiator brands and to install in your home.

Magnetic Filter

This will keep water running clean and prevent blockages, extending life of your new boiler.

Pipes and fittings

All pipes and fittings are installed as well as protective chemicals put into the system to protect your boiler even further.

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How To Qualify Boiler Grant for Free?

As part of a scheme supported by the Government, boiler grants are now available. The offered grants can help householders cover the cost of replacing home boilers that are faulty or inefficient. The boiler grants issued by the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) scheme can cover the full expense of any work required. But this is under the provision that applicants meet certain criteria. Homeowners are not obligated to pay any of the costs back. This is how the scheme offers free boiler grants.

In the following sections, we’ll take an in-depth look at these ECO boiler grants. This will include the scheme’s aim, how the ECO grants scheme works and who can qualify for a grant. We’ll also look at what type of boilers get replaced and some of the new boilers that installed.

Read on for everything you need to know about the ECO boiler grant scheme to see if you qualify.

The aim of the ECO grants

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a government-supported scheme with two key goals. First, to tackle the UK’s fuel poverty problems and to reduce carbon emissions. The scheme also aims to assist certain households. In particular, those with members who are on a low income or are vulnerable. The free grants allow them to afford to install a more energy-efficient system in their home. Not only will this reduce their home’s carbon footprint, but it will also decrease the cost of their annual energy bills.

As part of the “Affordable Warmth” section of the scheme, free boiler grants are being made available to householders who meet certain criteria and receive a “qualifying benefit”. Examples of these benefits are disability living allowance or income support. To receive a grant to have a brand-new boiler installed, the present boiler onsite must also meet specific criteria.

If homeowners qualify for the scheme, the six biggest energy companies here in the UK, such as Npower, EDF Energy, and British Gas, will cover the expenditure for fitting your new boiler.

Is it worth applying for a free boiler grant?

There are two key reasons for applying to receive a boiler grant via the  ECO scheme. In the short term, if your current boiler breaks and needs replacing, you’ll pay the full cost. By using the grant, a free boiler will be sparing you all the expense. The Energy Saving Trust states that 55 per cent of energy bills represent home heating which makes it essential that your system operates effectively. In the long-term, having a more energy-efficient A-rated boiler installed in your home could see you making further savings with between £100 to £315 shaved off your annual fuel bill.

Providing that a household member is receiving a qualifying benefit and your boiler meets the ECO scheme’s criteria, it is well worth your while to apply for a free boiler grant.

How does the ECO boiler scheme work?

There are four simple and straightforward stages to receiving your boiler grant through the ECO scheme. The first step is to complete an online application form, entering your name, contact details and some information about your heating system. If your application is successful, you can book a completely free no-obligation survey of your boiler by one of our qualified team here at Warma UK.

Providing your existing boiler meets the required criteria for a replacement, an ECO approved installer will visit your home and fit a new A-rated and more energy efficient boiler. After installation, you can then claim your free boiler grant via the ECO scheme to cover the full expense of all work carried out.

Who will qualify to receive a free boiler grant from the ECO scheme?

To qualify for government boiler replacement scheme, applicants must be the homeowner at the property. Private tenants may also be able to apply in certain circumstances providing they have permission from their landlords.

To be eligible for a boiler grant via the scheme, a person who is a resident of the property must be receiving one or more income or disability-related government benefits. While, for the most part, these grants are entirely free, in certain cases, depending on the level of work involved, the size of the property and the home’s level of energy efficiency, a nominal contribution is sometimes required from the householder.

Applicants entitled to receive the free ECO boiler grants will include householders who currently receive any of the following benefits from the state to assist them with the cost of living.

It is worth noting that certain limitations apply when applicants for ECO grants select to use child benefit as a qualifying characteristic to receive a new boiler as part of the scheme.

The householder who is currently receiving child benefits will find that their total household’s income after tax will need to be less than the listed amounts found below to qualify for a grant. Two key factors will impact these established limitations. Firstly, the number of children you have when making your application and if you are claiming as a single individual or as part of a couple.

The following limits apply:



A couple with four children or more – income less than £42,000

A couple with three children – income less than £37,200

A couple with two children – income less than £32,300

A couple with only one child – income less than £27,500

Single people:

A single person with four children or more – income less than £34,500

A single person with three children – income less than £29,600

A single person with two children – income less than £24,800

A single person with only one child – income less than £19,900

It’s also worth noting that if you are a householder who is in receipt of child tax credits and pension credits with an annual household income that is no greater than £16,010, you will qualify to receive your boiler grant for free. This grant will replace your existing model through the Affordable Warmth part of the ECO scheme.

What type of home boilers are eligible for an ECO grant?

Under the ECO scheme guidelines, it is not just householders who must qualify to enjoy one of the free boiler schemes, but their boiler that is currently in place. For the most part, existing boilers must be around five years of age or older to qualify for replacement with a brand-new model.

This is because the current boiler must be operating with an energy efficiency deficit that is equivalent to 86 per cent of its total capacity to qualify. This type of efficiency is usually associated with boilers with a rating that is somewhere between a C or a G, and you will commonly find five-year-old boilers within this category.

Home boilers will also be applicable for replacement if they have notable faults during operation. Most importantly, these include the boiler being unable to supply the home it serves with either running hot water or central heating for warmth. Other common issues with boilers that will make them eligible for replacement may include pooling water when they’re running, a constant need for pressurising, pilot lights that won’t stay ignited and make, and models producing a great deal of noise when working.

Regardless of whether a home boiler has any faults at all if it has an energy efficiency rating that is either C or lower, there is a good chance it will qualify for the ECO boiler grants. Your property may also be applicable for a boiler replacement via the scheme if it is severely damaged. It is no longer economical to have it repaired by a qualified professional.

The most energy-efficient makes and model available are A-rated boilers. If an applicant’s boiler meets the above criteria, that is the type of solution installed as a replacement on their property.

If an ECO grant application is successful, what type of boilers get installed?

At Warma UK, we have extensive experience in installing brand-new boilers as part of the ECO grant scheme. We supply only the highest quality options, each equipped with its own warranty covering repairs, including parts and labour. Two of the leading boiler brands among the options we use in our installations are Worcester Bosch and Viessmann, who both make boilers equipped with A-rated energy efficiency.

Worcester Bosch is a well-established UK boiler brand with an exceptional record for aftercare. Its products have seen it voted the “best boiler buy” here in the UK, by consumer association, Which? for ten years in a row based on feedback received from over 100 professional boiler installers. Worcester Bosch boilers score highly in building quality and ease of servicing and repair, plus being homegrown products, they are exceptionally easy to get parts for. We currently supply the Worcester 2000 life and the Worcester Greenstar 30i.

While a relatively new boilers brand for the UK market, Viessmann has been manufacturing heating solutions in Germany for more than a century. The high-tech boilers offer a range of advanced features for homeowners that add up to considerable control of their heating systems and significant savings. Which? described its boilers as a “very smart choice.” Both the Viessmann Vitodens 050-W and the Vitodens 100 are available for installations.

Both A-rated boilers supplied by Worcester Bosch and Viessmann offer an impressive energy efficiency rating of close to 99.5 per cent when they are operating at 30 per cent of their total capacity.

What are the benefits of receiving free boiler grants through the ECO scheme?

The ECO boiler grant scheme delivers householders who are eligible for support across the country with energy-efficient solutions that are more affordable to run. Statistics indicate that the boiler’s outdated models are often operating at less than 65 per cent of their full capacity. Broken down into simple terms, this can mean that for each pound a homeowner spends on heating their property, approximately 35 pence gets wasted due to their boiler’s inefficiency.

However, the latest boiler designs that carry an A rating for efficiency, produced by leading heating solutions manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch and Viessmann, will never operate at less than 90 per cent of their total capacity. In terms of money wasted, these A-rated options will result in no more than 10 pence for each pound spent on central heating lost.

On top of the obvious economic benefits, a brand-new boiler installation is also helpful to homeowners with concerns about the environment. Employing the most advanced and energy-efficient boiler options available can reduce the amount of energy required to adequately heat a home. The knock-on effect of this is producing far fewer damaging emissions, reducing a residence’s carbon footprint.

Upgrading your boiler now with a more energy-efficient model is also a smart move if you’re looking to future proof your property. The UK Government’s aim of achieving net-zero by 2050 is likely to see many new laws come into effect that will insist that homeowners adopt greener methods of energy use. So, by installing a more energy-efficient boiler now, you can ensure you’re better prepared for the future.

The advantages of making an application for a government grant for new boiler are plain to see. If, having read this guide, you feel that you are eligible to claim due to your qualifying benefit and the age and condition of your boiler, simply complete your application and start the process today.

We have helped thousands of homeowners improve their property’s energy efficiency, reducing their home energy bills with assistance from this government boiler scheme. We take pride in offering efficient customer service and working with a network of professional engineers based around the UK who are ready to perform expert installations.

Contact our expert team here at Warma UK for professional advice.

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had boiler replaced two weeks ago , everything went smoothly as I have been expecting, engineers came on site spot on time everything boiler is working good , place left tidy , i am impressed with Company Warma , definitely would give 5 star
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Don’t often do reviews but felt this warranted one. A little slow getting the fitting date sorted out but once this had been sorted everything was plain sailing from start to finish. Can’t fault the engineer who fitted my combi boiler. Nothing was to much trouble to him, explained everything has he went along. Would recommend without hesitation.
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The old boiler and tank were removed and the new condensing boiler fitted by the two installers from XL Heating. They were friendly, informative and tidy, working well as a team for two days. So far very happy.

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