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Next Generation Of Gas-Condensing Boilers

Viessmann has introduced a new generation of its most popular gas condensing boiler, the Vitodens 100-W, with WiFi built-in to enable remote control via a smartphone or tablet and is ready for the addition of hydrogen to the UK gas supply.

The WiFi-integrated Vitodens 100-W’s new control platform makes commissioning and servicing the boiler easier. The boiler’s control platform also means that the customer’s heating engineer can be notified if settings need adjusting or parts need replacing. They can also assist customers remotely, without needing to visit the property. No third-party controls are required, meaning a Vitodens boiler with ViCare Thermostat provides homeowners with a load-compensating smartphone-controlled heating system.

The mechanical design of the Vitodens 100-W has reduced the number of spare parts typically needed for routine maintenance by about 50%, meaning Viessmann installers should be able to carry less stock.

Using the ViCare control system app, the heating system can be operated via smartphone or tablet as well as on the boiler’s intuitive touchscreen display. ViCare shows at a glance whether everything is working as it should be and confirms this with an overall status summary at the top of the ‘home’ view.

Thanks to Viessmann’s unique MatriX-Plus burner technology, its boilers run very fuel-efficiently, reducing bills and greenhouse gas emissions, claims the manufacturer.

Lambda Pro automated combustion control technology also means the Vitodens 100-W is capable of running with a hydrogen mix of up to 20%, in preparation for the expected introduction of hydrogen to the UK gas grid in the near future.

At the same time as the new-generation Vitodens 100-W series goes on sale, Viessmann will also launch the new Vitodens 111-W wall-mounted combi boiler. Intended for family homes where there is high hot water demand, the 111-W features a cylinder loading system and 46-litre integrated stainless steel

storage tank, allowing it to provide a flow rate of up to 181 litres in 10 minutes. The unrestricted flow rate makes it ideal for shower and a bath or basin. All models are hydrogen-ready, certified for a 20% hydrogen blend.

The new Vitodens 100-W boiler, with its completely new control platform, is the most up-to-date specification on the market. With WiFi inside the boiler, it is a truly smart machine, enabling live interfaces and full control for both the installer and end-user. The Vitodens 100-W series goes on sale from April

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