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We've helped thousands of households get free energy upgrades in the last 7 years
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SOLAR savings

Shine bright with solar power and battery storage deals from WarmaUK.

Warma UK are the leading provider of solar panel systems and battery storage systems. At Warma UK we only supply the highest quality solar panel systems with manufacture guarantees you can really rely on. That is our promise.

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The Benefits of Generating Your Own Power

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Produce Green Energy

Solar energy is a reliable green energy source and does not release any harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants into the environment!

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Save On Your Energy Bill

Solar energy can protect you against rises in energy prices. As we have seen recently, becoming energy independent can have great advantages. 

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Join The Solar Community

Nearly 1 million households across the UK have chosen to install solar panels and harness that power through battery storage systems. 

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Enjoy Peace Of Mind

Enjoy decades of trouble free service with warranties on our solar and battery products. 

Energy Independence

Making your home energy independent, one panel at a time. ​

With the cost of living crisis gripping homes across the UK, there has never been a better time to buy solar panels and future-proof your energy independency. 

We have access to the whole of the large UK renewable energy market. Call us to discuss your requirements on 0330 4600 065 or fill out our call back enquiry form. 

Our friendly, non sales, solar panel experts are on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have. 

How Solar Energy Battery Storage Works

Solar battery storage allows you to store the solar energy you harvest, so that you can benefit from it when you’re actually at home! 

Why Choose Solar Battery Storage

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Imagine generating your home’s electricity for free and storing what’s left over to use at night.
It’s possible with a WarmaUK solar installation and we think we’ve got the best deal out there.
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Or if you’d prefer just solar and export your excess energy back to the grid, you could get paid through OFGEM’s Smart Export Guarantee scheme.
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Watt do you need?

Solar panels, batteries, or both? Wondering what solar power can do for your home? Whether you’re thinking about solar panels, or battery storage, or just want to chat with the experts about the possibilities, we’ve got you covered.

Discover how many panels you’ll need, the savings you can expect, and start your journey to cheaper, greener energy today.