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Solar Panel Installers Newcastle

Adding Solar panels and battery storage can reduce your annual energy bills by 70%. We are working with leading energy companies to reduce your carbon footprint.

Warma UK are the leading provider of Solar Panel systems and Battery Storage systems. At Warma UK we only supply the highest quality solar panel systems with manufacture guarantees you can really rely on. That is our promise.

The Benefits of Generating Your Own Power?

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Produce Green Energy

Solar energy is a reliable green energy source and does not release any harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants into the environment!

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Save On Your Energy Bill

Solar energy can protect you against rises in energy prices. As we have seen recently, becoming energy independent can have great advantages. 

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Join The Solar Community

Nearly 1 million households across the UK have chosen to install solar panels and harness that power through battery storage systems. 

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Enjoy Peace Of Mind

Enjoy decades of trouble free service with warranties on our solar and battery products. 

How You Can Use Your System

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Generate Energy

Use your solar panels to generate your own electricity 


Store Energy

Use your battery storage system to store the energy you harness from solar panels


Use Energy

Power your home from the energy that you store in the battery storage system.

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Making your home energy independent, one panel at a time.

With the cost of living crisis gripping homes across the UK, there has never been a better time to buy solar panels and future-proof your energy independency. 

We have access to the whole of the large UK renewable energy market. Call us to discuss your requirements on 0330 4600 065 or fill out our call back enquiry form. 

Our friendly, non sales, solar panel experts are on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have. 

How Solar Energy Battery Storage Works

Solar battery storage allows you to store the solar energy you harvest, so that you can benefit from it when you’re actually at home! 

Why Choose Solar Battery Storage?

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How Much Does Solar Cost?

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Typical 3 Bedroom House


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12 Solar Panels

The average cost for a 3-bed house including installation of 12 solar panels is £5,995
or £53.43 a month with finance (subject to status)

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Typical system for a 3-bed house

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Solar Panel Installers Newcastle

If you are looking to save on energy bills and do your bit towards saving the planet, you’ve come to the right place. Warma UK is the leading provider of Solar Panel systems in Newcastle. We work with leading energy companies to help you reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your annual energy bills by up to 70%.

We supply only the highest quality Solar Panel systems and Battery Storage systems that will stand the test of time and serve your home for years to come. We can install solar panels on just about any home in Newcastle, no matter the size or location. There is a range of systems that can be tailored specifically to your needs so that you get the package that will benefit you the most with increased cost efficiency.

Call us today on 0330 4600 065 or fill out our call back enquiry form to speak to a member of the team about your requirements or to ask any questions you may have about solar panels in Newcastle.

Why invest in solar panels?

For homes in Newcastle, solar panels offer several long-term advantages that are flexible and adaptable. For many homeowners, increasing stability is a top goal because energy costs are always growing and frequently shifting. With clean, environmentally friendly power that lowers your carbon impact, solar panels provide a reliable substitute for the erratic fossil fuel energy sector. If you’re serious about becoming green, investing in high-quality solar panels is a great place to start.

What are the benefits of getting solar panels?

Numerous advantages of solar panels persist for many years after installation. The benefits of lower expenses, reliable energy access, and environmentally friendly power generation increase with the length of time you utilise solar panels. Purchasing solar panels has a number of advantages, such as:

Improved stability in a volatile energy market

Better consistency is essential for better managing your monthly expenses because energy prices are constantly fluctuating and rising. Your stability is increased by solar panels because they lessen your dependency on conventional energy sources. Gaining partial grid independence allows you to enjoy all the advantages of reliable energy.

Better for the environment and your carbon footprint

If you’re determined to improve the environment over the long run, installing solar panels is a good way to lower your carbon footprint. The less fossil fuels you need to power your house, the better the environment will be. You may live a better lifestyle by simply installing high-efficiency solar panels, which can greatly lessen your home’s environmental effect.

Flexibility to produce your own power

One of the things that our customers adore is having the ability to generate their own electricity. Being able to generate all the necessary energy for cooking, running the washing machine, and boiling the kettle is a great accomplishment and a step in the direction of a more sustainable home. Solar is a good first step if you’re interested in lowering your dependency on the grid.

How much will solar installation cost?

Installing 12 solar panels on a three-bedroom house typically costs £5,995. If you’d want a set quotation for solar panel installation, getting in touch with our friendly staff is a great way to start. To ascertain the quantity of solar panels and the necessary labour, we can schedule a home assessment. We might be able to provide financing with monthly payments to start your installation, subject to status.

Reduction in your yearly energy bills

For solar panels to power your home, there must be a specific amount of sunlight. An effective solar panel installation can save your summertime electricity costs substantially. These savings, when spread out over the course of the year, can assist you in lowering your expenses significantly—up to 70% annually in certain situations.

No noise pollution or visual disturbance

Solar panels are a great addition to homes of various shapes, sizes, and types since they are unobtrusive, streamlined, and blend in. Solar panels are a great option for a variety of streets, estates, and communities because they pose no risk of noise pollution and cause very little visual disruption. With energy self-production, you get all the advantages without any drawbacks associated with other renewable energy sources.

How long does it take to install solar panels?

Several factors will determine how long it takes to install solar panels. First, how many solar panels need to be put will affect how long it takes to complete the job. Installing solar panels on an older home’s roof may require additional labour or support, adding to the overall time required. Solar panel installation can be finished in a single day for the majority of simple tasks. Speaking with one of our skilled installers directly is the best approach to obtain your timetable.