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Switch To Solar Panels From £5,995 + No Vat

Solar panels can reduce your annual energy bills by 70%. We are working with leading energy companies to reduce your carbon footprint.

Warma UK are the leading provider of Solar Panel systems and Battery Storage systems. At Warma UK we only supply the highest quality solar panel systems with manufacture guarantees you can really rely on. That is our promise.



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With the cost of living crisis gripping homes across the UK, there has never been a better time to buy solar panels and future-proof your energy independency. 

We have access to the whole of the large UK renewable energy market. Call us to discuss your requirements on 0330 4600 065 or fill out our call back enquiry form. 

Our friendly, non sales, solar panel experts are on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have. 

4 Reasons To Go Solar

Reduce the future cost of energy in your home with solar PV panels

Protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint

Easily store surplus energy to use when you need it and sell it back to the grid.

Earn income from the solar energy you create - it's so sustainable

How Much Does Solar Cost?

Typical 3 Bedroom House


12 Solar Panels

The average cost for a 3-bed house including installation of 12 solar panels is £5,995
or £53.43 a month with finance (subject to status)

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Typical system costs for a 3-bed house

Why Choose Us?

Reduce Your
Energy Bills

When you install solar panels, you only use the energy that you generate. The surplus energy that you generate goes straight back into the national grid – whereby it earns you money through the export tariff. Essentially you sell the energy back to the national grid. The rates that you can earn vary.  How much money you save will depend on the size of your system and the rate at which you consume energy.