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Solar together

Solar Together is a group-buying scheme for solar panels in the UK. It was first introduced in 2017 by the Dutch company iChoosr, and has since been adopted by several local councils across the country. 

The aim of Solar Together is to make renewable energy more accessible and affordable for homeowners, while also reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability.

How does solar together work?

Solar Together works by bringing together a large group of homeowners who are interested in installing solar panels. By purchasing in bulk, iChoosr is able to negotiate lower prices with trusted suppliers, making solar panel installation more affordable for participants.

The process starts with an online registration where interested homeowners can sign up to participate in the scheme. Once enough registrations are received, iChoosr will organise a competitive auction among pre-vetted solar panel suppliers. The winning supplier will then offer installation services at a discounted rate to all registered participants.

Benefits of solar together

There are several benefits for homeowners who participate in Solar Together. Firstly, the group-buying model allows for a lower cost per panel and installation, making solar energy more accessible to a wider range of households. Additionally, iChoosr ensures that all suppliers are vetted and meet high-quality standards, giving homeowners peace of mind that they are receiving reliable services.

Moreover, by choosing to install solar panels through Solar Together, homeowners are supporting the transition to renewable energy and reducing their carbon footprint. This also benefits the UK as a whole by decreasing reliance on fossil fuels and promoting sustainability.

Impact on the UK's solar energy market

Since its introduction in 2017, Solar Together has had a significant impact on the UK’s solar energy market. The scheme has helped to increase the number of solar panel installations across the country, making it a more mainstream and accessible option for homeowners. This has also led to a decrease in installation costs due to the bulk purchasing power of Solar Together.

Furthermore, Solar Together has encouraged healthy competition among solar panel suppliers, leading to better quality products and services at competitive prices. This has helped to improve the overall efficiency and reliability of solar panel systems in the UK.

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