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Warm Home Discount Scheme

The Warm Home Discount scheme is not like the other grants in that you do not get paid directly, but instead receive a one-off discount of £150 when you pay your electricity bill over the winter. Applications for customers living in Scotland closed on 21st February. Unfortunately, if you did not submit your application, it is now past the deadline for the Winter 2023/2024 payment.


What is the warm home discount scheme?

The Warm Home Discount, a one-off payment, aims to assist individuals with their energy costs during the winter, especially those on low incomes or pensions. 

You qualify for this discount if you or your partner receive the Guarantee Credit part of Pension Credit. Likewise, receiving another qualifying benefit and incurring high energy costs also qualifies you. 

Typically, the discount amounts to £150 and gets automatically applied to your electricity account between October and March if you meet the criteria. The government sets eligibility based on specific benefits and property details, assessing energy costs on a predetermined date each year.

If you’re on a low income in Scotland, you need to apply by contacting your energy supplier. If you’re potentially eligible, you will receive a letter by early January 2024. If you don’t receive a letter but think you qualify, you must reach out to the Warm Home Discount Scheme by 29 February 2024.

what is warm home discount scheme

If your supplier provides both gas and electricity, and you qualify, you might receive the discount on your gas bill instead. To find out, contact your supplier. If you haven’t received a letter but believe you qualify, you can seek assistance by contacting the Warm Home Discount helpline. It’s important to note that the Warm Home Discount is not available in Northern Ireland.

Do I need to apply for the Warm Home Discount this year?

To receive the Warm Home Discount for the winter of 2023/2024, the process varies depending on your location within the UK and your circumstances:

Customers in England and Wales

If you live in England or Wales and are eligible, you did not need to apply for the Warm Home Discount. The government determined eligibility and sent letters to those who qualified.

Eligible individuals would receive a payment of £150 by 31st March 2024 from their energy supplier, with the process being automatic for those who qualified.

Customers in Scotland

For customers in Scotland, the situation varied:

  • If you receive the Guarantee Credit portion of Pension Credit, you were automatically considered eligible, and payments would be made by 31st March 2024 without needing to apply.
  • For those not receiving Guarantee Credit but receiving other qualifying benefits in Scotland, applications for the Broader Group closed on 21st February 2023. If you missed this deadline, you cannot apply for the Winter 2023/2024 payment.

How will I receive my Warm Home Discount?

To receive the Warm Home Discount if you are eligible, you will receive it in one of several ways, depending on your circumstances and the type of energy meter you have:

  1. Credit to Your Electricity Account: For most eligible customers, the £150 discount will be applied directly as a credit to your electricity account between October and March.
  2. Voucher for Prepayment Meters: If you use a prepayment meter, you will likely receive a top-up voucher to add the discount at a Post Office.
  3. Direct Credit for Pay As You Go Smart Meters: Customers with Pay As You Go smart meters may have the discount sent directly to their meter as a credit. In case of delays, a voucher will be provided to top up at a Post Office.

You do not need to apply for the Warm Home Discount if you are automatically eligible; it will be paid automatically by your energy supplier

If you switch suppliers, the company that supplied your electricity on August 13th of the qualifying year is responsible for giving you the discount, even if you have switched suppliers.

If you move house and your supplier was the same on August 13th of the qualifying year, you will still receive the Warm Home Discount from them.

Do I qualify for Warm Home Discount?

Based on your location in England, Wales, or Scotland, you may qualify for the Warm Home Discount if you meet certain criteria. The eligibility requirements vary slightly between these regions but generally include two main groups:

Core Group 1: Guarantee Credit Element of Pension Credit

  • England, Wales, and Scotland: If you receive the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, you are automatically eligible for the Warm Home Discount. You should receive a letter by early January 2024 informing you of your eligibility and the discount will be applied to your electricity bill between early October 2023 and 31 March 2024.

Core Group 2: Low Income and High Energy Costs

  • England and Wales: You may be eligible if on 13 August 2023, your energy supplier is part of the scheme, you (or your partner) receive certain means-tested benefits or tax credits, your property has a high energy cost score, and your name (or your partner’s) is on the electricity bill. Qualifying benefits include Housing Benefit, income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), the ‘Savings Credit’ part of Pension Credit, Universal Credit, Child Tax Credit, and Working Tax Credit.
  • Scotland: Similar to England and Wales, but you need to apply directly to your energy supplier if you do not receive the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit. Your supplier may have additional eligibility criteria.

Additional Information

  • Pre-pay or Pay-as-you-go Meters: You can still qualify for the discount if you use these types of meters. Your electricity supplier will inform you how you’ll receive the discount if you’re eligible.
  • Park (Mobile) Homes: If you live in a park home, you may need to apply differently for the Warm Home Discount.

Action Steps

  1. Check Your Eligibility: Review the specific criteria mentioned above and see if you meet them. If you receive the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, you are automatically in Core Group 1. If you are on a low income and meet the other criteria, you may be eligible under Core Group 2.
  2. Contact Your Energy Supplier: If you are in Scotland and on a low income, or you believe you are eligible but have not received a letter, contact your energy supplier directly to inquire about your eligibility and to apply if necessary.
  3. Warm Home Discount Helpline: If you have not received a letter by early January 2024 and believe you are eligible, or you have any questions, you can contact the Warm Home Discount Scheme helpline before 29 February 2024.

Remember, the Warm Home Discount Scheme is not available in Northern Ireland. If you live in a park home or use a pre-pay or pay-as-you-go electricity meter, make sure to check with your supplier about how to receive the discount if you are eligible.

Who is eligible for the park homes Warm Home Discount?

Residents living in park homes in England, Wales, or Scotland may be eligible for the Park Homes Warm Home Discount if they meet certain criteria. To qualify, you must be a permanent resident of a park home and pay for your electricity to your park site owner. The eligibility criteria for receiving the £150 payment to help with energy bills include:

  • Receiving Pension Credit
  • Receiving Income Support, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income-related Employment & Support Allowance, or Universal Credit
  • Having an earned income between £0 and £1,561 a month if you are on Universal Credit
  • Receiving Child Tax Credit with an annual income not exceeding £18,723
  • Receiving Working Tax Credit with an annual income not exceeding £18,723
  • Receiving Housing Benefit or the Housing element if on Universal Credit
  • Having a total gross annual household income below £18,723 (before tax and deductions)

Additionally, you may qualify if you receive other forms of support such as State Pension, have limited capability for work (as part of Universal Credit), are responsible for a child under 18 years of age, receive disability benefits, or hold a medical or maternity exemption certificate.The scheme operates on a first-come, first-served basis due to limited funding, and only one application per household is allowed. If your application is successful, the £150 payment will be made directly into your bank or building society account by 31st March 2024.

Contact Information For Warm Home Discount

You can make a claim by telephone by calling the Warm Home Discount Team.

Telephone: 0800 030 9322

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)​

The Warm Home Discount will be automatically applied to the majority of eligible households. If you are eligible, you will receive a letter informing you of the discount between November 2023 and January 2024. The discount will then be applied to your bill automatically by your electricity provider by March 31, 2024.

You are eligible if you live in England and Wales and get the Pension Credit’s Guarantee Credit element or have high energy costs and a low income.

If you live in Scotland, You qualify if you either get the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit or are on a low income and meet your energy supplier’s criteria for the scheme

You will no longer need to apply for the Warm Home Discount in England and Wales from autumn 2022. Your provider should be aware of your eligibility. If you live in Scotland and qualify for the Warm Home Discount due to a low income, you should get in touch with your provider right away as there are only a few discounts left.

However, the discount is now often applied yearly automatically. Between 14 November 2023 and 31 March 2024, you can call the government’s Warm Home Discount phone line at 0800 030 9322 to find out if you’re eligible.

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