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The Warm Home Discount scheme is not like the other grants in that you do not get paid directly, but instead receive a one-off discount of £140 when you pay your electricity bill over the winter. This counts as between the months of September and March, and you may be able to get the discount off of your gas bill instead, depending on your supplier and whether or not they provide you with both gas and electricity.

You can be eligible for the discount if you receive the Guarantee element of the Pension Credit or if you are in a low-income household. The discount won’t affect any of your other benefits. You can find out more about the specific requirements and more about the Warm Home Discount itself here:

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There are two groups which qualify for the scheme, known as the Core Group and the Broader Group. You will be considered part of the Core Group if your electricity supplier takes part in the scheme, you receive the Guarantee Credit element of the Pension credit and if you or your partner’s name is on the bill. You are considered part of the Broader Group if, once again, your supplier is part of the scheme, you are in a low-income household and if you receive any of the qualifying means-tested benefits. We recommend that you check with your supplier to make sure that you are eligible, as it can vary between them.

The way that you apply for the Warm Home Discount depends on which group you are a part of. If you think you are part of the Core Group, you will be sent a letter that will tell you how to confirm your details in order to receive the discount. If you have any questions or have not received this letter, contact the Warm Home Discount team by phone on 0800 731 0214, or by post at:

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